Milton Erickson. Family therapy.

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Milton Erickson born 5 December 1901. He didn't speak until the age of four, and when he grew up and became a doctor, the voice has become his main therapeutic tool.

the Erikson illustrated the essence of psychotherapy as follows:

My parents are farmers. Once in the courtyard of our house strayed horse. She didn't have the characteristic signs and identify her was not possible. Then I sat on her top and brought it on the road. I gave her the opportunity to choose the way and intervene only if it collapses to graze and wander through the fields. In the end she came to the yard of a neighbor who lived a few miles from us. He was very surprised: "How did you know it was our horse and she from here?" I replied that I certainly did not know - knew the horse. I only kept her off the road.

And pointed out that psychotherapy based on the uniqueness, the uniqueness of each person.

the fame of Milton Erickson began with the book "the Strategy of family therapy", the originator of which Jay Haley – now he is the therapist of world renown, one of the founders of family therapy.

the goal of his therapy is very simple – the life cycle of the family, where during courtship Erickson the success of the therapy considered marriage; in the early years of family life – the birth of children; at any stage of family life a critical step in the development of the family is its transition to the next stage.

the Techniques of Erickson's therapy:

- the promotion of the resistance;

- offer the worst alternatives;

- communication with the help of metaphors;

- promote a recurrence;

- promoting reaction through her frustrations;

- the use of space and position of family members during therapy;

- underline positive and trust in the subconscious;

- amnesia, control of information and refusal of self-inquiry;

- the awakening and release;

- work with the lifecycle of the family.

For Ericksonian approach involves explicit attention to the problem, which, in the opinion of the client, brought him to a therapist. If the client came rid of the symptom, Erickson usually works directly on eliminating the symptom, but through such work, he produces all the changes in the interactions between spouses, which he considers necessary to produce.

Erickson argued that to the patient area is the major symptom, so in this area the therapist can set the lever, which will serve as an instrument of change. If one of the spouses suffers from symptom Troubleshooting symptom may change the marital life in General. For example, Erickson cited a classic case where both spouses suffer from the same symptom. The husband and wife suffered from bedwetting. Erickson eliminated the symptom in both, forcing them intentionally and at the same time to urinate in the bed.

Erickson is often furnished it so that humans found it harder to keep the problem to yourself than to solve it. Some of his prescriptions involve the execution voluntarily taken on unpleasant commitments, such as commitments to make fizkultparad every once in two in the morning, when the symptom data for the day appeared more times than the patient wanted.

Erickson died on 27 Mar 1980.

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