When we meet another person, it's like we're starting off in a strange city, and if in this journey, Google maps to help us or, as they say, the language to Kiev to lead, when meeting with a new person you have to rely on their own feelings, thoughts, and experiences, that is, on themselves.
what if this new person claims the title of "the Man of my dreams" or just considered as a partner in the long run? What may show up later, and what really should explore first when meeting?
bad habits, peculiarities of temperament, life style, specific Hobbies, extreme Hobbies, weird friends, wild Pets, "funny" relatives, unexpected tastes, former spouses, children from a previous marriage
all these surprises almost always waiting for us after meeting with a new partner. All the mines under my feet at any moment can suddenly blow up romantic dreams and smash to smithereens the idyll of their life together. To these "surprises" were smaller, first stage of Dating is very useful to speak directly about themselves and to ask direct questions to the interviewee on the following topics:
1. Gen. That's right, without false modesty to tell about himself: "I love the way it is ...", " I like it when that way..."I don't like that..."I would like to make it so...". How about you?
2. Leisure. Leisure links people not less, and sometimes more, than anything else. It can strengthen, and can destroy the relationship from the beginning. The principle of knowledge is the same: "I usually do this... ""I often go there...""I love....""I don't like... ". How about you?
3. Life goal. If a man says he wants to travel a lot and go to the shift work to live here and there, and in your head the sound of the hymn Mendelssohn in accompaniment with children's rattles, it is unlikely that your life goals are the same. And unfortunately, such mismatches immediately leads to conflict, because in the future someone will have to sacrifice their plans and expectations, and this leads to dissatisfaction, claims and contrary to the concept of creating a happy Union.
4. Vital value. Fragile, but very important, because it is the Foundation on which man builds his life, and he will always be a priority in making any important decisions. What life values are? Family, health, social status, physical strength, attractiveness, power, desire to be the center of attention, to be needed other people to play and have fun and so on. If the values of the other person you are foreign or unpleasant, it is unlikely that long-term fellowship that will change.
We all tend to idealize the object of your attachment and wear "rose colored glasses" in the moments of romantic affection. But still, if the mutual goal of communication is the joint life and serious relationship - there's nothing better than to try to learn to understand and accept for themselves the inner world of another person. After all, it in fact is the true love!br>

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