Over the lifetime, we accumulate a lot of different claims to relatives, friends and acquaintances. Sometimes we can not fully interact with them, as their "features" (defects) "to say the least" annoying. As a result, we cease to see the person and begin to interact not with him but with his shortcomings. Here is an example: advice to a woman concerned a conflicting relationship with his son. She was so focused on his "shortcomings", on the fear that the son will rise "irresponsible slut", when I gave her the assignment to write a 7-10 qualities of their child, she was confused. Make the assumption: if the mother during intercourse with a child, focused on its strengths and best qualities, not the defects, which could be the result of their communication. Ask yourself how productive interaction with those who "did never understand", "nothing good in itself, is not" who are simply "irresponsible slut". So for the person attached a label, a stigma. And we are already way over another does not perceive the person, only – ham, Bitch, Alcoholic, Lazy etc. of Course, that they take, they're defective. "Oh My God! Where the world is heading, normal people left" - a familiar thought, isn't it? Do you know what step is next?

Next, you have to feel lonely and cut off from everyone "do not understand". The first time it's difficult of course to feel loneliness and uselessness. But later in this position there are pluses – no need to strain to try to understand someone, to look from their point of view. If You have already put the mark of another, for example – "rude" - your inability to communicate with such a person completely (it turns out) is justified. It's him. You, of course, more sensitive and deeper. Most unpleasant in it, something that is slowly being fenced off, are we makin a cage of alienation and loneliness, beginning to feel defective. After all, life around will be full of communication and emotion that somehow pass you by.

If You a similar phenomenon was already noticed, it is time to change something. First, let's look at what and in whom you do not like, honestly. Who and what you are like. But that's not necessary pathetic expressions, like I love all, I wasn't like that When your emotions are open and clear to you, you can control them, and that means they are safe for you and others. To start, make a list. First, be sure to email yourself, because we don't love ourselves first. Further, the list come up with an insulting name or a word associated with the given person. For example, I don't like:1.Yourself. And for what? I have all not like people. Loser; 2. Mother. Wants me to trust her, and when I do, she teaches me and proves that I'm stupid. Insensitive liar. Don't hesitate, take heart. Main, that it nobody saw – is it your own work and others, strangely not concerned. All recorded, well, how are you feeling?! It is not easy. How you only managed to get into such an environment!? Tell me, can we change these people? Right, no. Yes, and they are unlikely to want to change on your whim.

a wise man said: "start with yourself and the world around you will change." Indira Gandhi said: "if you want to see in the world around him had changed – he become this change." So now, each listed person find 5-7 such advantages and features that appeals to you, surprise you and just like this man. You need to give an example? Example, my dignity – I have beautiful eyes, I love to chat, I just "do not like it - individuality," etc.; the dignity of my mother – she loves me, funny, knows everything like an encyclopedia, and so on. It must not just be here so soon. But this is your environment, your life – find her something better. Write now! Written? With people from a list you want to communicate?! Well, what's stopping you?

you always Have a choice! Believe me, always! Your environment, relationships are, first and foremost, your credit and your dignity! Happiness to You and Your loved ones!

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