I Remember being in seventh grade gym teacher called my name in the list of participants. Was: "fire all around". That for an animal? Nobody knows. We gathered eight men, and went with Vladislav G was the name of the teacher, his way to the racetrack, the edge of the city. The field is huge. It is the strip of obstacles and even some fixtures.

Look, smiling slightly stremimsya in an unfamiliar environment. All are in fighting mood, ready to act

G – go to the party coaches, receives instructions from the chief judge. Tells us what to do, puts in stages. Well, I must say, arranges, according to the psychophysical capabilities of each: one to run the hundred meters across the field, the other to escape and unwinding fire hoses, someone to unite them; someone to run home to take the leap, to climb out the window.

Me goes to work with a fire extinguisher: to take fire dvenadtsatitsilindrovy is sewn with a fire extinguisher, to run with him twenty meters, to introduce the work and to fill with foam a special tank. Ten seconds of "fighting" to put an extinguisher on the edge of the tank, to run the hundred meters and pass the baton to the hose friend Lech, he runs the final stage.

I Must say that my joy was not the limit: up to this point, I'm on fire extinguishers only watched with interest, and then...

Then for us, "quenchers", the chief judge conducts private coaching: talks about the procedure with the unit, explains how will be the countdown ten seconds, etc.

All, go to start, all excited and in anticipation.

Remember how cheerfully ran, climbed, jumped. How clever shreds Gimatov, like a cat, tripped into the window. My fire extinguisher was cut the first time, and someone, shaking hands, couldn't break the seal and deploy the lever. Other from the inability splashed his feet.

My 10 seconds of priming/suppression flew instantly. When a friend of Lech fled at the final stage by tank, one of lying, but still functioning fire extinguishers spontaneously turned around, and threw him back.

in Short, the experience was – Nemer, and delight too! Even took third place. Let of seven or nine members – what's the difference? The main prize was the new feeling of "We – men!". No worse than other athletes. If mogem!


Why remember these events?

Because of the unfamiliar environment, the huge field, not the usual action. But not only that. Because I was tense, everyone did well, competed well and received certificates. For us it was something like the beginning of male initiation. Thank You, Vladislav G! You introduced us to teamwork to win. You know how important it is for young men a burning feeling of "I can!" and "We won!".

Teach this to our PE teacher at the College? It is possible that in the lectures – no, not thought on the subject. But in practice, Yes, because sports competitions and victories are inseparable from each other. In any case, male energy, ancestors and told our coach what to do so – and he did, and desired state has become an integral part of our psyche!


Alas, in the present reality, the deputies and specialists of the Ministry of education are seriously discussing the possibility of the cancellation of physical education lessons in school. "Obsolete" they are, from their point of view. Instead of the optional specialized sections. Who will pay? Oh, and most importantly, what do we get as a result? Most likely, an even greater number of Sofa-Divinycell, not knowing what physical strained.

the Pattern is simple: the less competition in reality, the denser chains to display the Internet. A new stage of natural selection is running, the evolution away we go!

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