If you ask the question to people with excess weight: "do you Want to become more slender and what's the purpose?" you will hear many different answers. Basically you will be talking about health and beauty. However, knowing that harmony is the key to health, youth and beauty, not all get rid of extra weight. Why? Yes, because health, beauty and youth is something that cannot be measured. That is why these ephemeral notions do not motivate! Any person with excess weight will always want to be slimmer, but it will always seem that he still has the resource to remain in that condition in which he lives in the here and now, otherwise he would already be slim.
Everyone knows that excess weight is a problem with shortness of breath, blood vessels, heart, risk of diabetes and many other health troubles that threaten the quality of life. However, panting and clutching one hand over heart and the other over the sore knee, the man will say – I just were going too fast. Few people at this point understand and accept the decision to start changing your lifestyle, going to a meeting with your a healthy slim body.
Health is a strong motivation for those who are already starting to lose it. And with it lost faith in what he is able to change something.gdla young more obvious motivation is the beauty. The ability to wear what you like, not what you want. But there is always excuses like: "a Good man should be a lot" or "I'm so good. I'm beautiful and the fullness of me not spoil. Men at me such a look". the
And it really EXCUSES like: no time, ability, willpower and so on. And they appear mainly in those who have already tried to lose weight, but did not achieve a stable and desired result.
Excuse live where there is no motivation.
so, how to find your motivation?
First of all, it is important to realize what you are deprived and that you can have, getting rid of the extra pounds. gdla this I suggest you to perform a simple task. First determine what weight you want to have. Take a sheet of paper and a pen and writing (just writing) answer the four questions
- What will change (will happen) if I postroeniyu (achieve the final result)?
- What will not change, if I become slim?
– What would my life be if I will not achieve the intended result?
– What will not happen in my life if I don't achieve my goal?
WRITE down the ANSWERS, AND THEN READ some more, and it is not interesting)))
And now catch the key to your answers.
the answer to the first question is clear. It's your benefit that beckons you.
the Second question allows you to identify the “secondary gain”. Due to you can realize the benefits of the current situation, you run the risk of losing to a new result. Although it is not a fact!
the answer to the third question, in my opinion, very valuable for the formation of motivation. He emphasizes the price you need to pay for your choice to stay in the same weight. Well, not too high a price, in your opinion?
the Fourth question baffled the left hemisphere. The attempt to answer it means a conscious attempt to circumvent thinking and to force the brain to activate other neural channels, new thinking is already known. This approach can help you understand the values and inner strength that you never thought of. Try to answer this question intuitively rather than logically.
And, if that is what you are now finally and irrevocably decided to go to an interesting and exciting way to meet new yourself, go to the formation of motivation that you will always be warm and support on the way to harmony.
first: Draw a bright and voluminous look that embodies your purpose. What you in new weight what your mood, how you react to others, familiar and unfamiliar. How do you come to the store and buy whatever you like, as your size is always there! Pain go away, if they were, comes the ease and comfort!
This image will support you in the moments when you really want to negotiate with them and swerve out of the way to your beautiful and healthy body. This image will help you to move forward to the result.
second: Create a visualization around. The screen saver on your computer and your phone – slim and beautiful female body or your photo to the desired weight. Pictures in the mirror (glued to the upper left corner). Just choose the pictures carefully. And I not only postrhinal, but have a dog as my beautiful picture was a lady with a lovely dog)).
third: it is Important steps to prescribe a plan of action, i.e. what actions and in what time frame you will commit closer to the desired image.
fourth: And the most challenging! Deciding for the entire duration motion to the goal that you have set yourself, to live according to the accepted rules of harmony. An average of from 3 to 6 months to achieve the desired result, and sometimes less. 3 months is only 90 days!
90 days of your life that can change a lot and give you a new world, new life, new opportunities! You can always go back to that life, BUT give yourself a chance to learn how you can live differently!
fifth: Look for like-minded people, because support is very important, and family and friends are not always willing to share your intentions and support. In the circle the same as you, driven and motivated people will be much easier to achieve the desired result.
With love and care ))
for you Sokovikova Tatiana (therapist)
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Tatiana Sokovikova
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