a New relationship is a completely independent story of feelings and States!

And how many accidentally or deliberately stretches from the past, like the experience of a burn from the iron!

after Receiving the wounds, the man, of course, wishes not to make mistakes again, but sometimes so filled with anxiety, suspicion that a perfectly healthy relationship turns into the same old model. What does it depend?

Let's create a memo in love!
I'll start, and you continue in the comments write the most important insights of your experience to help each other!

so if you start a new relationship:

✔forget the past
Enough to see whether he was looking for your story, stop to think of the series "should be to put the bouquet to see that all is well with me now." It is this small detail even stronger ties to your past lover and diverts attention from the present. Love is more illusion and quickly melts with your own hands!

✔take from past experience only knowledge about yourself!
Now you are no longer important, and that it was in that person, it is important that you understand about themselves, their values, their desires and their behavior! This is the basis which will allow you to Express yourself in a new relationship from the position of "how I want to do?". For example, did you realize that I can be impulsive and saying nasty things is your area for the development of peace and confidence. Develop and for these qualities regardless of having a partner, and especially if he appeared!

✔learn to recognize their emotions and to realize where they are!
for Example, you were angry at the absence of a call! Why? Because you once in a similar situation was bad or because you are very missed!
All leave the past in the past! Consciously stop their feelings: "it's a completely different person"! Do not look regard the causes of things. And then your anxiety level is very reduced.

✔learn to build dialogue and to Express their wishes. You also do not Wang and do not know how to guess other people's desires, so your guess no one is in force! It is dialogue that creates true intimacy in a relationship!

✔do not follow blindly the advice from magazines, words friends, experienced the failure, not make General sense "must", "must" (for example, writing posts SHOULD be every half hour - a few days ago with these words I was approached by a client)

✔do not try to judge a person's horoscope, name value and other similar systems. Try to see the real person and notice it is his quality, words and deeds, without expectations, in accordance with the ordained views

✔do not compare male quality and the ability of the current ex or other men in a bad way, Yes it is better not to compare in any matters, even the little things.

✔it is not necessary in conflict situations or controversial issues to bend their borders, thereby losing respect in the eyes men.

What's more, we will add in the memo?

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