it is Worth to remind that sex is a sacrament in which two people were involved? And what will be your night of love depends on both.

While men write self-deprecating articles like "40 mistakes of men" in bed", the ladies can also take a look at ourselves and finally understand: the beloved is not breeding a stud bull and not a robot. He doesn't have to be perfect and guess all your secret desires with polystone. Especially if you to this day never bothered to think about what he needs and what bothers him...

* Posture is a "log". To lie still and narrow eyes — perhaps the worst thing you can do. Man it is vital to know that a favorite agreed to have sex with him not of despair, but because she is deadly wanted. So welcome any of your passionate and gentle movements. And the moans of bliss, the hot breath and a sincere sobs. And that's exactly what not to do, is to voice, as in the ancient Roman Coliseum. Theatrics are good, where else, but not in bed. br>
* Talkativeness. Intimate conversation is better conducted before and after sex, but not during. Conversations in the process the man is perceived as a personal insult: it is sure that the woman there is a desire to communicate, expects to receive fun with it. Therefore, understand a simple rule: the maximum that is allowed to say during sex, is the name of your men (gentle voice), treatment type "favorite", "sweet", etc. and admiring short phrase (the content and the level of vulgarity variable depending on the level of their own depravity). If you still feel the urge to discuss your new blouse during the process, is the best way to avoid this is to hold the pillow in my mouth to speak, clenched teeth. Then your informative monologue may be perceived by the partner as moans of pleasure. br>
* Narcissism. The fear to ruin my hair and makeup during sex — a sure sign that the partner does not care for the fact that in addition to her in bed is someone else. Therefore the mirror of the unseen it is better to ask in free sex time. In any case, remember that the beauty of a woman after sex — it's not the perfect make-up and well-chosen lipstick, a gleam in his eyes and disheveled hair. A sort of Margarita after the ball. Try one to see for yourself after a delightful night of love and you will understand that beautiful ladies do not find in the whole world, even if at this moment lipstick smeared on the face and make-up eaten by a partner. br>
* ignorance of the partner's body. Oddly enough, in men body for more than one erogenous zone. And if you persistently ignore this fact and at the earliest opportunity reach all parts of the body to secret the male organ, over time it will begin to irritate the man. Caress of the penis it is better to do the final stage of foreplay. So if you don't know what to work up to this point, try to experiment: caress the neck of love, his nipples (in men, they, too sensitive), the abdomen (especially lower abdomen), inner thighs. By the reaction of his men, you will realize that he likes the most. Just do not repeatedly move the same laid once "route". Machinery kills love, and sex — class creative. br>
* Manipulations. "Honey, let me buy it over there, those suede boots, and for that I give you today an unforgettable night of love!" If ever you had said something like that to your man, and he left you with packages in the middle of a shopping Mall, you caught the Holy man. Take care of it. Men in principle not tolerate manipulators, and even the manipulation of sex and did a bad job. Forget about it. br>
* Shyness. If during sex you act like a 13-year-old virgin at a reception at the gynecologist, and then pressed and trying to close hands the most sacred, one is able once and for all to kill the desire of man to you. Men love liberated women who love their body and ready to have fun. When he sees fear, shame and readiness to leave at any time, taking with him all his things, the man can not in principle to relax, and hence faithfully to finish the job. br>
* Grandma's underwear. Times when the size of women's underwear is not much inferior to the size of pillowcases, irretrievably gone. The best lingerie is that which the man would like you to quickly remove. This is not exactly true to worn bras and panties hastily mended.

* Lack of initiative. No, it's fine, when your body takes any position which he is trying to make. But everything should have its limits. Sometimes let your partner understand that he is not dealing with a plastic crow, and a passionate woman who loves sex and showing the initiative in it. br>
* the Story of the former. If telling the beloved about his multiple relationships, you hope to bring, the disappointment when he'd get up and leave, it would be bitter and painful. The woman should be some mystery, and be don Juan, the list is still the prerogative of men. Moreover, it is not necessary to brag to members of the opposite sex. So you will soon earn himself the image of a girl "on Yaroslavl" than will increase your credibility.




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