Mistakes women make in relationships that lead to the rupture of the Union.

Hello! br>
I already wrote about what may be the cause of the change and care men from the relationship.
the subject I'm still going to develop, so stay tuned for publications. br>
Today I would like to talk about the mistakes women in relationships. And then wonder why the man is looking for something on the side. And that completely leaves. br>
these mistakes as a wife in marriage, and people just can't found, even and mistress.
so there you go. br>
1. To select men leadership in the relationship. I wrote about this more last week. br>
2. Constantly insist on, the lack of softness and flexibility. Up to categorical statements: "Either you do, or I go to mom!". br>
This behavior is perceived as a clear manipulation. A strong man will never let him go.
And after a few times just multiply you by zero. br>
And you will understand why it happened. And starts to chew with her friends the age-old that all desisexyboy – Kazlu. br>
Even ultimatums should be done gently and gradually, with a hint of tired doom.
And he did, for example, when you can't coerce a man for marriage. br>
About it in detail I wrote in his book "a Happy marriage after 35".

In all other cases, forget about the pressure on the man! br>
you should Always look for a compromise. Remember, my dear, what is that punching your partner is a manifestation of force. br>
And strength is masculine. Our female is a weakness. And our strength is in our weakness. br>
True art – to make a man took your idea and considered it his.
the simplest mechanism is to push it to the idea. br>
for Example, these words: "How would you like to....?" if his answer does not suit you, answer: "Hmm, good idea, but what else are my options?" and so on to the bitter end. br>
When it will make the solution that you need, rush at him and admire his mental powers that he thought of such wonderful solutions. br>
When you press down on a man, you like myself would be a man that is his opponent. And, therefore, lose their femininity. br>
whether it is Possible to admire a woman who lost her femininity? Especially if you use threats or even blackmail? is
Doubtful. br>
besides, the lost trust between you. Breaks the emotional connection. And this is the basis of any strong Union. br>
As already told, constantly to insist on, to argue with a man is to become like his opponent. br>
a man does not want to live with a rival. The opponent is destroyed.
But he can't destroy you physically? br>
So the man goes to strontium, where he will love and accept. the
Or even does go into other relationships, despite your clean apartment and delicious cooking. br>
Often this behavior by the woman is not recognized. That is, "in your eye can not see the log". br>
Analyze your past broken not your fault the relationship.
Or the current. br>
as far As the desire to insist on you tend?
When and why did it arise?
what consequences resulted? br>
And we will continue to dismantle women's mistakes tomorrow. So I'm waiting for you! br>
With love to you, AI.

the Book is "a Happy marriage after 35":

Irina iris
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