Mistakes women make in relationships that leads to cheating and tear. Part 2.

Hello! br>
Yesterday I started a post about women's mistakes that lead to cheating and even breakups.
Let's continue this list. br>
3. To argue with a man, and often disagree with his opinion and decision.
This error carries the message: "I don't accept." br>
Let's remember what a man needs in a relationship? Correctly to accept!
So why do something against him? br>
you can, of course, do, but expect from him is love and respect is not worth it. Here the principle of "give to give". br>
the debate emphasizes that "I don't like what you're doing. I don't like you myself." br>
Who wants to be with a woman who does not accept it, does not meet its basic need? br>
Be it to her to feel the love? Whether to want to please, to indulge, to give gifts? br>
of Course, I'm not saying that all decisions men take with delight, slapping thickly painted eyelashes.
we are Talking about a reasonable middle. Don't say often: "No, I disagree!". br>
Use a soft mechanism of influence on the decision described in yesterday's post. br>
4. No sexual satisfaction.
Sex is a 49% relationship. br>
If in this regard everything is bad, the man at the stage of establishing relations with a woman will not. br>
In long-standing unions, of course, disappears thrills. And again it is the duty of women to throw wood on the fire of love. br>
I want to say about this. Unfortunately, a large number of women are unable to open up in sex, do not get pleasure from it. br>
Yes, upbringing has left her role. Bans, which failed to get rid of.
and Even self-doubt. br>
the ability to have fun, first and foremost, from yourself, from your body. the
Worries that the fat, old, cellulite, etc. Is there a male all this out and go to a more young. br>
Sex is also a form of making men.
And he expects that in the 21st century you won't hesitate to enjoy it. br>
if he does not satisfy you, then something is wrong. This undermines men's self-esteem. br>
Near you he starts feeling inferior. Even the masochist, in this case, it will go to another. br>
So be sure to work on your fears, self-esteem and confidence. To disclose their sexuality. br>
my consultations I often work with such problems too. br>
by the Way, abstaining from sex is the failure of men, and he perceives it is painful. br>
Why not keep it on a starvation diet.
You know that nowadays one has only to whistle, and many women will have this service. br>
why do you need it? br>
the Inability to orgasm is a matter of trusting the man. And how can you trust a man if you don't trust yourself? br>
it is Impossible to simulate during intimacy.
an Experienced man sooner or later will notice. br>
Because having fun is not only loud cries, but also physiological responses of the body. br>
When man will understand your simulations, it will be offended, will feel cheated. And also begin looking elsewhere. br>
Therefore it is better to have consultations and learn to have fun in such an important area. br>
I will Continue tomorrow.
With love to you, your AI.

Irina iris
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