Mistress. Why?


Why do women become mistresses? There are two options (rest, items): feelings and benefits. All! Respect is woven into the very tricky and difficult in these two ways. Let's deal.

Chuvstvami, it happens. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, a man does not choose, chooses the heart. However pathetic it may sound. And here everyone makes their own choices: to obey the senses or of the mind/brain. Woman, by nature more prone to emotions, therefore, often be guided by the voice of the heart, falls in love and, to his horror, discovers a ring on the hand of the chosen one. With blurred eyes falls rather quickly, the pleasure and satisfaction of these relations evaporates, begins a series of tantrums and the rare moments of happiness. Here it raises its head Respect for yourself Often, these relationships peculiar to ladies with low self-esteem and many complexes. Girls are cute, this is valuable and important. It all starts with you, not respect yourself, agree on the second, live in anticipation of a "miracle" and cast the bones, read the rare meetings in isolation from the family, this pure victim role consciously vtaptyvaetsya themselves in the mud (getting bonuses from the role of victim - a separate large topic). And from men here really depends. Sometimes, of course, marriage is wrong initially, He's finally in your face meets the one, she is all happy. What wife is also cumbersome because a relationship ends for her, not a loving husband disappears, she finds freedom and the opportunity to meet "their" man, mutually loving and beloved. Option two: you are an eternal lover, no family, no man as such, nor happiness nor my self-esteem... Sad, sad, way in the psychologist's office

Vygodno everything is easier. The woman initially uses such relationship for the money/clout/support/promotion etc. And if the man agree to such a Union, a happy end, everyone is happy, satisfied and in agreement, transparent or covert, receives each his own

Maybe it's rude and exaggerated, but either way the majority lives according to this scheme. To live or not - your choice.
a lot to say on this subject, to understand the details, to separate the wheat from the chaff, but more on that next time!)

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