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Hello Dear Friends!

Today I will share with you ideas that may be useful. Regardless of the client you or the therapist.

are Waiting for you ideas in the comments! Let us mutually enrich each other!

Oh, and your comments also please do not hide!

And so:

- if it is, for example, about pain and anger, about such feelings and experiences, it is important to ask about that and the other, to take into account both;

- if you and without question suddenly understand what it's like for the other person's pain or anger, or something else, it is called a merger. After all, every definition of man can fill his sense. But if we just understand everything, we are here clearly think up and miss something important.

- if you are in strong feelings after the session, strong feelings, it is advisable not to make any decisions for three days, for obvious reasons;

- a little about one another now. It often happens that if a child in the family there is a problem and treat her, then it may be that this symptom is aimed at stabilizing the family system. For example, parents somehow didn't get along, and the child has enuresis, the parents are working together to search for the causes, treatment. What is the conclusion? Right. The parents are not divorced, communicate with each other because of a problem child. That's the benefit of symptom for up to seven. Looking for other ways of settlement of family situation back then;

- to dedicate the child to all their problems – as it can be too heavy for him, he for this role has not grown, not matured;

- if the query we say that the treatment I want to live well, it is also important for the therapist not to be in the merger, and to clarify how this might look specifically at the practice;

- understanding of you life is uncertainty – have some certainty, which can reduce anxiety;

- to share with another person, accepting and attentive, their thoughts, experiences – a way to ensure that after experiencing feelings that are in contact are lived, there is something else, and we can see what to do with this newly arisen.

For today.

Thank you!

And till new meetings!

My contacts can be found here. Vladislav Machines, a psychologist.


Machines Vladislav
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