Mom's program (regular group "Women's support group")


- Remembered how my mom went on vacation. I'm 4 years old. We always went together, because dad was once. On some event my mother was invited to dance by a man. And in the evening she said to me, You just don't tell my father!
When we got home, I was in pain for a few days. Then broke down and told dad. On the one hand relieved, but on the other, felt guilty before the mother.
- At the last meeting we talked about the fact that you will see virus, old software. Why do you think it's this memory? What kind of program it wanted to show you?

- close men have a lot to hide. It is impossible to tell. I, by the way, this friend said, not just a mom.
- How this program worked in your life to date? And what she brought mom?
- To what is now parents live as neighbors. And I... I find it very difficult to open your man. Before I came to you, I had a lot of secrets from him.
- Now that you realized that the mom's program and you don't need it anymore, what new you want to change it?
- If I'm with a man, I trust him completely. But if I don't trust him, why would I be with him?
- And that not all memories. Still remembered how in those 4 years, my mother and I went to visit by train. She bought a big beautiful cake. I was carrying it. And when it looked like train, I couldn't hold him and dropped it. The box fell on the train the cake to mush. And mom all the way I was scolded. For drop the cake. Because she could fall under the train. I then 15 years trains were afraid...

- And what program you made this?
- When my mother gets angry and swears me guilty. By the way, I now very often avoid socializing with her because that would not have happened, feel guilty.
- And what you were to blame in that situation?
- Dropped the cake. Almost fell herself under a train.
- And chetyrehlistnyj child may it all myself control?
- I guess it was supposed to do mom. But something distracted, and it happened. She got scared and spilled on me all the emotions. She and now, when I grew up, doing the same thing - whatever is going on in her life - it all falls on me. And then I feel guilty. Though in no way to blame.

- Ready to change the old "am I to blame when mom is not feeling well" on something new?
- Yes!...I'm not responsible for mom's feelings!

- I wanted to discuss the situation. The other day I was talking about the money and  mom asked him, can I control his finances. (the Client lives with a man with whom engaged) When I asked why would I want to control them, she said, "or else you won't ever bare-Jo..Oh! You always have to slowly make money!"

- I Think now you can see for yourself what the situation is and what it's about.
- Yes! It's the same program that you cannot trust your man. The old program that I no longer need!

And you girls, what mom's program working so far? What would like to get rid of? Or get rid of?   maybe you have the daughter you see their programs?

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