Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.
(Henry David Thoreau)

Hello, all those who work for wage work, who provide themselves with work independently, who organized their own business, who invests and who does not work for a variety of reasons, but most importantly – I welcome anyone who wants to move to a new level of material wealth. As you may have guessed today we have the theme of "Money."

just for you I spoke about the methodology to move to a new level of income (General module), and now I will write about the main provisions that can lead you to better financial situation and even to prosperity.

Some of the provisions you are likely to know, but remember once again also is useful, and something maybe new. Each one I write based on my own experience (as usual).

  1. Money everywhere. world Around us is full of possibilities. If we can't see them, it does not mean that they are not. This particular vision might open up to you spontaneously (in a difficult situation, but it is better not to bring), or as a result of work with the psychologist.
  2. All restrictions only in your head (ie, in the unconscious, since the barrier can be in the stomach or in the chest and in other places). To eliminate them need to work with a psychologist or independent work on yourself, but I still think it is better to join forces.
  3. the universe is abundant and will always find a way to make you rich and prosper if you imagine and it will allow, trust, believe. "According to your faith it shall be given you" (from the Bible)

So how would you not need the money, it is not necessary to steal, to cheat, to do any meanness, as it is, with high probability, will go sideways, can return from an unexpected quarter, and often it's not worth it. Stay clean vessel.

Stealing, you are saying to the Universe: "I do not have, and I'm in!". And you echo back, "no...". On the contrary: even if you're buying bread, think to yourself: "I need bread. I will buy it and in gratitude to those who weight this bakery business is organized, who worked, etc., I will pay 50 rubles. And may they thrive! And feed the people." So you are giving then. You signal the Universe: I give, I have. Not giving, not receive.

  • For the Universe there is no concept a lot-a little. If you have the money, sincerely, rejoice! Because if you received 1000 rubles, I thought, "Nothing!" then what signal to send? "Little me!". Get a "little" response. In short, the universe is like an echo. Returns (not always immediately, therefore, the need sometimes perseverance) that you send to her as actions, and thoughts, words, feelings... Enjoy what you have and you will have even more.
  • Again remembered pricto from the Bible where the master gave his servants for 3 Dinar. The two multiplied and brought him back, and one buried, covered. In the end the master said: "not having but taken away, with abundance".

  • Request. You can ask whoever you want, I asked a Higher power, because it says: "Everyone who asks receives and who seeks finds and who knocks – open". Ask for many tantamount to humiliation. But it is treated. God better not ask about the money but about personal qualities or situations. Because the person possessing certain qualities, even ruined, to restore its position.
  • If you want to buy something, ask not just for themselves, but for others, for the world. How? "I want a fur coat! She will decorate and warm. I'm in a good mood, I will radiate joy, beauty, to fill the world with all of this!"

  • Money love passion, love to his people and to his work, but not to the money. Remember? "For dogs, women and money do not chase. Running away from them, and they'll catch up with you". (C)
  • Rate the passion for his work. Are you ready to spend time, money and Life to their job? "An important way, not the rock" (from, "the peaceful warrior").

  • Work (not necessarily hard!), effort and perseverance is rewarded. Even if there are no instant results, remember that reality is inert, changes can begin in time. In the meantime, keep moving toward the goal with the sleeves rolled up! Off doubt! Only faith in yourself! Another thing that is important to be able to distinguish the worthwhile from the false, and what happens in the metaphor of a ladder: you climbed the rest of her life, and she was leaning against the wrong wall... a Shame, though.
  • Savings. Wait at least a tenth part (10%) of the revenues! But not on a rainy day, and the joy, "I spend it the best for me."
  • Money is energy. She needs to circulate, otherwise it fades. And don't be afraid to spend on yourself and be happy! Invest in yourself, in your health, appearance, development!
  • the Energy of money to "frighten" careless phrases and thoughts like: "It's expensive for me!" "I don't need anything!", "I already have everything", so you block the flow to some extent... Watch out for thoughts and speech.

    In my experience with money is better when the house is in order. Throw out trash, put things in their places, it is sometimes useful to rearrange the furniture, clean themselves or hire a "cleaning Manager".

    10. If you are asking for a loan, consider: are you ready to leave with the money? Yes – occupy, no. But if you want to take - decide for yourself how much you are willing to give forever? And give this amount. If you are not ready and do not want to help, then do not. You have the right to refuse.

    Taking money to a person, try to let go of thoughts about the return, because it will suck the energy out of it.

    11. Money equivalent of your value, usefulness for himself and for others. If you highly value yourself, then others will appreciate. But to value yourself not only in words, but to feel it, to actually be so.

    12. the Balance of give-take. Greed, envy, the desire to obtain "freebies" result in losses in the end. Can you do something and snatch, but it'll stay with you. If you were given more change than I should have, it is better to tell the seller. If you are happy with the bug, pretend you haven't noticed, you, roughly speaking, become a source of negative energy and it will attract. Do you need it?

    13. Money is a means to achieve objectives and need to know what purposes... Money should not be an end in itself.

    14. the Principle of coordination the importance of. Conceived and released, do not dwell. Everything comes exactly when you need it, but at the same time with the adoption of treat lack of desired.

    15., the Money comes only to those who consider themselves worthy of the money.

    16. Money comes to someone they really need (implementation specific worthwhile goal) and in the quantities in which they are needed).

    What distinguishes desire from intention: the desire to have intention to be, to live in it. The intention is the situation, the desire object.

    There is a technique that allows to translate the desire into a intention, to build a world in which these intentions fit.

    17. Money like those who are coming from the inner (because) and not only from the outside (in order to) motivation. for Example, I record videos. I asked: "Why are you doing this?" If I say, "in order to increase the customer flow" or "to get more money" – this is the external motivation. What if I told you: because I'm fun, like to share useful information with people and I like to think, to organize, because I can't help it! is internal motivation.

    18. Money to women, often come through man and that's absolutely fine. Only, dear women, if he is doing for you, and moreover treat him as a person, and not as a function... And remember about the balance of give-take.

    19. Teach children the rules of handling money since childhood.

    20. Psychotherapy. Write in the comments your most negative thoughts (beliefs) about money or just keep the money – it's... The negative thoughts of mom, dad and other important people. Revealed beliefs is very desirable to work out, because they unconsciously you attract what you believe.

    In addition to this material I can recommend to read the article "Philosophy of wellbeing".

    You did a good job - read the article until the end! Maybe in reading this, you are on the contrary, rest?

    Thank you for your attention and wish you prosperity and abundance!

    Sophie Lemus
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