Human needs are very diverse. Can anyone of us say they were satisfied with their material and financial prosperity 100%?

the Man every day more and more drawn to the system of monetary circulation and thus has difficulty with the perception as yourself in activities, and their business in General.

to assess the level of magical thinking among domestic entrepreneurs enough to walk to the shops and offices.  all will talismans, amulets, mantras and other magical attributes for business development and trade.

Yes, and psychologists themselves often refer to the legacy of their ancestors with their rich ceremonial culture and traditions. We live in a world manasama that keeping magical beliefs, at times feel as if protected.

However, not so simple. Consciousness is still a huge number of negative blocks, keeping the balance of "give-take". Here, many entrepreneurs often complain that taxes eat very much, the rental office is extremely expensive and a small business if not "survives", then "slumming".

such costs directly rising prices of services and colleagues, and other businesses and the population, have a wide audience often have no money to pay for services at 100% volume. The result is obvious. The offices have to close, again, to look for wage work and "knock off" is not in the magical sense.

is There a magic pill that can help in  the business and increase income in the absence, it would seem, visible, objective reasons.  

I propose to start working with the programs of family-tribal relations.

Aleoshina money until recently was almost contemptuous, disdainful. The Soviet generation is going to build a state without money ("communism").

And this is a priority. Study negative cash programs fast passes for the reason that the energy of money is directly related to the physical, material world. Man byaae very hard to tune for profit, fixing their attention on money. Here the first serious mistake that the Association of plenty money "sticks" solely on the bills, which, in principle, only banknotes.

So an important point settings, or even the restructuring of thinking, when one sees the money is not signs of paper or coins and Energy with new opportunities. 

In fact, the man often dreams about money that is presenting a static picture, as a rule, bills. By the way, in some esoteric literature this exercise is not uncommon.So it can take a long time and already bored and disappointed.

it is Therefore important to represent the movement, the flow of this money power, with the soul to approach the exercises. One rendering here would be, of course, is not enough.

you Must understand and realize that Money, the Money Energy is a great resource of new prospects and possibilities, inspiring you to the opening, growth and development.

In this aspect, a valuable understanding of balance as a necessary power source.

Often hear "I give more than receive". This belief is based on the fact that people spend a lot of money sometimes irrational, overly exaggerated approach to the idea of "give". Important here is the awareness of actions.

How necessary is this or that purchase?

are You Saving or wasting money?

do you Get pleasure from money 

Very often, the person who receives the money, in a hurry to quickly spend that demonstrates the negative attitudes associated with fear of money, the desire to get rid of them.

Money energy is one of the most powerful driving forces in the energy sector of modern society.  And only with the harmonization of body and soul, material and spiritual desires, when focusing on negative programs and transforming them to a qualitatively new level, we will be able to achieve well-being and postepenno to get rid of the devastating impact of the Outlook on money.

the Issues of money are closely connected with the ancestral field (specifically, a native father). And it is desirable to carry out the attunement with the family, with the paternal line, under the guidance of a specialist to start the process of growth and prosperity.

Dear readers and colleagues! I invite You to take part in the "Healing Kind," which are aimed at removing negative generic attitudes and subsequent greening of thinking!


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