I Want to give You an example of those attitudes that prevent people from having more #wealth than they already have.
some of them we take with the words of our parents, part of the acquired yourself a part from others.
of Course, beliefs to protect us, to explain the world and dictate the rules of behavior. But at the same time to achieve the goals, and you can constantly stumble on these same beliefs.
so, what's stopping us?
🍃by fair means do not earn a lot!
/it turns Out You have the choice to be honest or rich./
🍃there is never enough Money and not enough.
always be what you want or need, and funds to it - no./
🍃Rich can be only if there is a start ( capital, support, family is rich).
/everything is easy/
🍃Money. The more #to work, the more money.
/or busting, or no money at all/
🍃If the easy-come money, easy and leaves.
/the other interpretations previous/
🍃Happiness is not in money.
/as soon as the money, come and unhappiness/
🍃Money should be enough to live on.
/they always have, but just to survive. Becomes more money - life doesn't change, just food, clothes and so on - is bought more/
🍃Money is evil.
/If I'm good, I'm not allowed to have money/
🍃Money solves all problems.
/used to pay off all/
🍃Money corrupts
/and I don't want to be spoiled!/
🍃must Live within its means.
and not stick out. /And then the envy begins, evil eye will bring, nakednude 🙈/
🍃to pay For everything
/everything is literally/
🍃do Not live lavishly, there is nothing to start.
🍃Not a woman's business to earn money.
/correctly, stay at home/
This list is long. But apart from these beliefs there are personal, the type:
☘I can't earn/save/spend
☘I Have no way of
☘My profession/work, do not earn much
☘ poor me poor
☘Me never to get rich.
And others.
But what is important - Your attitude to money. Directly to the bills. Remember: they are in the purse? Neatly by denomination or in a heap and rolled? And maybe even in the pockets, and wrinkled?

When paying, pay the debt and so, how do you keep bills? Folded? A fan? Stack? Give up easily or until the last squeeze of the hand? And take like? Open gesture or a sneak?
🍃These "little things" are important and help us to understand our relationship with money.
If you know the answers to the questions: "what is money?" "why do I need money?" "how much money do I need?", it will be much easier to eradicate limiting beliefs and to set realistic, achievable goals.
With the beliefs figured out. The next step ladies a technique that will help to understand how much money You need for happiness)).
All good and good New year!

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