Money. Money. Money.

Negative beliefs about money I know a cart and a cart.

  • the Money given to only hard work. So I will work up to 7 sweat, but what else?
  • Earn the family needs a man. And if I earn more than him, he will feel uncomfortable and leave me.
  • Money comes to those who are ready for them. (Option: need a super-idea). I'm ready. To work on this, I will not, why sweat over something, they will come. I used only the idea.
  • In my family all live a wealthy life. How can I buy a new car, if my sister on the bus goes?

And so on. People wrapped around the money of a bunch of subliminal installations, and then wonder: why is it I still can't make? Yes, because YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS PROTECTS YOU.

  • guilt (for what sister rides the bus)
  • from the fear of being left alone (if you start earning more than her husband)
  • need to make the effort (if you are expecting a super idea)

Money is just a litmus test. A good man will not spoil, bad is not correct. But very good shows the area over which it is necessary to work.

If you get paid for your work, you at least sometimes, but talking about money.

And some people it turns out – they are easily and without hesitation name the price for their services, and earn decently. And others it is not so pleasant feelings.

Know why?

Before you can successfully sell yourself to others – that is to sell your skills, your services, your knowledge, you have completely, 100 percent to sell yourself to yourself. If YOU don't believe that your experience and time is expensive – NOBODY believes you.

Maybe, you're a talented accountant, photographer or stylist. But if you don't know how to present themselves – you will use.

This is the story of Marina. Marina is a designer and mother of a wonderful first grader. Marina came in with a complaint: work, work, work... and can't break out of impotence and lack of money.

– are You a good designer?

– I Think so... I Have a very difficult projects, I make them myself from beginning to end, although usually do team. I work seven days a week, and sometimes that night. ⠀
I picked up the pen and counted how many she earns for 1 hour. 115 RUB Simple worker without any knowledge and skills gets 2 times more per hour!!! ⠀
At the same time for all time, Marina has accumulated more than a hundred positive reviews and only 2 negative. At the same time it is learned by other designers, and she is constantly learning, taking courses and.... work, work, work.

so the most important question. If you provide a quality service, a lot of work and not earning anything, why?

I'm not an expert in design, but well versed in the criteria for self-evaluation. The reason may be only one, and she's not greedy people or bad luck. It is in your head in which sly heard the questions: "Yes, am I worthy of this?" "Yes dear?" "What if the client doesn't like?"

Yes. You are worthy of. Every person is worthy of the appreciation that he puts himself.

I Repeat again. Before you can successfully sell yourself to others – that is to sell your skills, your services, your knowledge, you have completely, 100 percent to sell yourself to yourself. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE THAT YOUR EXPERIENCE AND TIME IS EXPENSIVE – NOBODY BELIEVES YOU.

While almost every woman who comes into my office comes with the symptom of undervaluation. Dress choose cheaper... not buy, better the child something... How am I going to take as much money for their work...

Marina and I had to fight for every ruble. We increased the value of her work literally on the steps. But now its 1 hour of work is 3 times more expensive. Yes, customers become less, but the money did not become less. On the other hand became more free time, and it can be spent on love and family, not turning yourself into a tired-out horse.

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sincerely, Sofya Pimenova

Pimenova Sophia
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