Money and sexual desire


Olya met her common law husband when he was in a difficult situation, after a difficult divorce, moving to another city.

He immediately took on many important issues in her life, flat, food, leisure. Its revenues had no value in General. They stayed with her and he paid for everything. With the sex they were all excellent.

Yes, love, relationship, but money has value, money is still power. And he who has the money, the main. In families where the default money given to the wife, but decisions on spending negotiates the husband, the power is in the husband, the wife is only the Keeper.

If the money is from her husband and she has no source of income, the power of the husband becomes absolute, and how is he to dispose of it, is the question.

Olga accustomed to the fact that someone cared, strengthened, both morally and psychologically, found a place where they could realize and earn. Husband started to say that maybe she could start to participate in the shopping and utilities in half. The husband in this case the amount of salary Oli didn't know. And here began something strange. Olga protested and said that they are not real husband and wife, and that she needed to form herself a safety cushion that she is not married and must not contribute to the total budget. And anyway...fu...

This situation has led to a psychologist. The consequences of this conversation she felt she lost sexual attraction to my man. She says: if we in half, as partners, then why would I sleep with him? I don't want it. That's when he cared and provided for me, then I perceived it as a man and wanted him, But as a partner, I don't want it.

actually, that got me thinking, what is it about? Mentality, installing mother, infantilism? But no desire. And there are no other levers of influence on this desire, except money.

the Man heard the girl, and you are not asked to share in half . Gradually the Oli normal sexual desire, and she began to catch yourself in the behavior that when her husband makes a gift or provides something init is interesting and expensive, such as the journey, it is the strength of the desire increases.

Here is an observation, and such situations quite a lot, when a woman pays, it is a little or not at all. That is, the results of Patriarchy, cultural traditions? In Europe, for example, the format of partnerships long been the norm, and marriage doesn't matter, everything is discussed on the shore and all calmly accept this situation.

I read somewhere that there is a memo about Slavic women for men from Europe, it says that women sleep with you, and you for it.

This way to pay? Or all the same gender roles?

Ikonnikov Eugene
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