Money and shame


Dear friends, good evening to You! 
it Often happens that we want something, but that something never comes in our life and we feel bad. 
If this happens, then there is a reason for it. And usually these reasons are hidden in our unconsciousness.

so, You again Angela Tittel is a practicing Psychologist, instructor, Satori Healing and my new article rubric “Case study”

*All content published on soglasiu client. The article cannot be considered a script of the session, many of the things I cut out but the main line.

there came a girl. Still quite young, but confident.

I want to have the best level of life, to be more successful than it is now. I want a Porsche, beautiful expensive clothes. And I understand that able to earn, but something holds me. The feeling that I want and don't want to happen. And I'll be ahead of the game, again set back.

I: - See yourself living the life you want that you do drive a Porsche and dress up in the clothes you want.

K.: - I See.

I: And how do You feel? What are You there?

K.: - Cool I was there, confident and joyous.

I: And what causes the discomfort?

K.: - My family.. They all live quite poor. I help them from time to time how I have the opportunity. But no matter how much I helped them all exactly lacking. And they constantly whine how bad and awful. Of course I communicate with my family and I talk about my life, about travel, about the progress in work. And every time I share something good, I feel like they even spoil the mood. They say they are happy for me, but the tone felt something else. For when I complain that I did not succeed, they are immediately enthusiastic and the mood is good and they are willing to talk with me for a long time and are active. I sometimes think that when I'm good and have something to rejoice, instead of what would fully enjoy it and to say “I Have all so cool and I'm glad of it!" I am in conversation with they begin to belittle their success and say “that is not really all that good, yeah it's good, for this is – bad”.

I: - See now the image – model, where You are all well, You have all what You want, and Your loved ones in front of You.

K.: - I see I stand and the spotlight directed at me. All the relatives, even those with whom I had little contact, stand in front of me and looking at me with reproach. They pressed lips and they crowd looking at me.

I: What do they say?

K.: - What a shameless not help them, that she lived well and did not help them.

I: - What do You feel at this moment?

K.: - What would help them, I need to deny myself in everything and to provide for them. But I don't want that.

I: - What do You feel when the spotlight focused on You and relatives look at You reproachfully?

K.: - Shame. I am ashamed that I'm so bad.

I: - When last have You experienced a similar feeling?

For a while the client is paused and then told the story of his early yunnosti.

K.: - I remember when I was 15-16 we lived in a small military town and there I was a boy we liked each other. It was the son of parents friends. I also had a friend, a boy, we were just good friends. One evening we came home and we were holding hands, nothing more. Someone from the town saw it and told dad. I remember my father read me for it. They say I have a boyfriend and I with different validdays. He said I'm acting like a girl of easy povedeniya. The whole talk lasted a long time, for me, forever. I didn't do anything wrong, and feel what a slut.

I: - When dad read to You what were You doing?

K.: - I stood with my head down. Now I understand the absurdity of what is happening and I'm so angry at my father. That and I want to tell him what I think and send him to hell.

I am - So tell me right now. See this situation. Father scolded You and myself standing in front of him and tell all what you think.

K.: - Dad go to Fig. What are you talking about? Do you hear yourself? I did nothing wrong and I have nothing to ashamed of.

I: what now?

K.: - not angry Anymore, but sad.

I: And why would You even want in this situation?

K.: - I would like that dad closed the mouths of those people who he told about me. What would he have defended me and said, ‘I know my daughter, and she is never anything shameful would not have done. I trust my daughter and know what she's like. And You look after yourself better.”

Still some time we have dedicated therapy and transformation of shame.

I: - As You are now?

K.: - easier. I felt like I exhaled.

I: what about the first way? The spotlight is still shining on You? What about family?

K.: - Strange but spotlight no longer and relatives are not worth the crowd and have dispersed everyone in the party.

I: And You like?

K.: I suddenly realized that I have no need for them to share either good or bad. To communicate – Yes, but not to share emotionally. I feel like I live my life and go where they want to go.

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