Money and wallet. You should pay special attention to?


Become financially wealthy man is the dream of many people.

But there are some "BUT", which prevented to do so.

  • Sign of our times — people's desire to not look worse than others.
  • Dress is not worse than work colleagues. To ride a car that's cheaper than the neighbor to testify. To relax by the sea in Israel, not in Turkey.

Year after year, quietly and steadily created a society of "conspicuous consumption" and now we all are an integral part.

We are taught to buy a lot. Buy what is in trend. To buy, even if this thing is not very necessary.

Faces of the consumer society

In the spending of the money there is nothing wrong. For this purpose, in General, we earn.

But there is also a "dark side" of this process:

1) Ability to buy something — a new indicator of status and social success.

can Not make money for a new apartment? Take a loan! Not enough money for a new car? Take the loan — and you don't want to be worse than others!?!

2) Even children from infancy to see around hundreds of ways to spend their parents ' money.

Marketers with youthful nails "grow" future buyers, obedient to their advertising appeals and loses his mind at the announcement of regular sales.

3) People are starting to live one day and try to fit in this day and more expenditure.

Shopaholics are unable to live a day without shopping. Appeared a painful relationship — people buy something not because they need this thing, but only for the sake of feeling the joy of finding new things (which evaporates quickly, requiring performing all the new purchases).

Buy to stand out, is a modern manifestation of natural selection.

Yes! It continues to operate, despite the fact that we have been down from the trees.

  • People are at risk every day, there is no need to get a piece to write with the battle.
  • But the instinct of competition were deep inside of us, so we continue to prove to each other their exclusivity and dominance.

To do this, each of us chooses his tools:

1) Someone buys an apartment in a prestigious area, someone sends their children to study in London, someone who wears only branded clothes.

2) Are answers to important questions such as: "who has more salary? Whose car is cooler/more expensive? Who spent more money on vacation? Where are You going on holiday this year?

3) competitions and contests accompany us since childhood.

at First (as children) we are fighting for the sweet prizes for the adults and a gift from Santa Claus. Then for a budget place at the Institute paying job, a beautiful wife or husband, a businessman.

  • the One who is stronger, taller, smarter, he wins.
  • Although it should be recognized that if the winner wasn't chasing a dozen more of the same thirst for success, he would not take first place on the podium.

live to spend it. Or spend to live?

Once in the cycle of consumption, it's easy to forget why and what we do for money.

to Be flushed down the toilet (or spent stupid) — what is the purpose of the money that is so hard for us to get?

Be a wealthy man — the dream of many people.

But to become them to generate substantial capital can be only by becoming financially literate and are keeping their family finances under the strict supervision.


  1. Protect the contents of your wallet (spend money only on what's necessary).
  2. don't act like a millionaire (without being them).
  3. To become financially wealthy (=rich) man, you should every month to postpone part of their salary and then intelligently invest their savings.


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Stuart McPhee
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