so, one of the popular beliefs broadcast on the Internet:

Money is evil.

They corrupt people, corrupt them, make them stale.

But the money does this do to people? Or because of the money human qualities, and they were, become more convex, visible to others?

the Lack of morality and moral principles are now with money in more manifest?

And how the availability of money affect a person depends more on the person, not from the presence of his money.

It is rather a question of compensation and substitution of concepts.

If the husband has ceased to love his wife, but earns well, then he can say: "I bring money into the house, what more do you want?" The substitution of the love of money.

Or lack of child care, shared activities, games replace gifts, toys, entertainment. "How could I not care about your daughter? I told her just yesterday a new doll bought". Substitution care, communication money.

If low self-esteem, money can help to compensate. For example, a fancy car, expensive suit.

And now this person thinks: "I am a loving husband, caring father and I turned out OK".

That's just not money that made man. Money is paper, nothing they can do to us. But the man himself found a way of being. And now lives in their illusions. Some drugs to take, while others earn money. The dependence in both cases.

Money is energy.

Oh, and I have been reading... Money is the most powerful energy and money to love and then they will come to you, money should be stored in a beautiful purse and to be sure in expanded form, so they do not myalis. Or here's another: "MONEY is the extreme degree of compaction (compression) of clean energy in the manifested world."

And I immediately question, and who gives money power?

For me the answer is obvious. The man himself. How will he relate to money, such energy and they have. Not money itself, but money from that individual.

And here already it is necessary to see, and what about the money the man has.

"there is never enough Money", "ashamed to take money for his work," "Money is dangerous", etc., etc.

many Installations. That's on them and have to work. On the way we impose on ourselves.

Money is a tool.

I Found a definition I really like:

Moneymeans of payment for goods and services, a means of measuring value, and a store of value.

Money does not carry meaning by themselves. It's just a bill, just coins, just a medium of exchange with the world.

And if I go to the store, I build commodity-money relations.

I can refuse unnecessary to me, rather than buy, because the seller is so good and so much done for me.

I can choose.

And I pay only for what I really need.

to Offer their services I can to any person. I don't have to like him or I liked him. "In the evening money – in the morning chairs". It's simple.

Thus, if you remove all the peel in the form of emotions and attitudes about money, then they become just Money – a medium of exchange. After all, if I end up in the desert with only one money, they will mean nothing. No water I don't drink on them or I get home, and evil will bring, and the energy is not added.
Zoe Agafonov
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