I have long thought about how to gather customer feedback. Ask for feedback and receive approval is one thing, but really to get it is another.

Many customers promise to write a review, and then forget or just don't know HOW him to write. And I understand them, is not always possible to Express everything that happened in the sessions in a few sentences.

Other customers write me detailed reports of all meetings on 2, 3 or more pages. I read these reviews very pleasant as a balm for the soul, but for potential clients it is very tedious.

I decided to come up with a list of questions that after the last meeting I sent to the e-mail client and he wrote the answers. Naturally, in advance I ask him about it. Thus, the opinion is written easily and quickly, then I process it as a single text, not answers to questions, and proper feedback is ready.

the Questions range depending on the specifics of working with the client, but in General they are approximately as follows:

a Review of work with the psychologist.

  • Reason for referral to a specialist.
  • From what source learned about the person.
  • How you chose the psychologist.
  • What the expectations were from the meeting.
  • Some doubts have been to counselling (therapy) or in the process.
  • What you were afraid of during the first meeting or work in General.
  • What has changed in your life.
  • What did you like to work with the psychologist.
  • That did not like to work with the psychologist.
  • do you Tell your relatives and friends about the work with the psychologist.
  • Feedback after seminars and trainings will be other issues, but more on that next time.

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