When you live very long on the ruins of the life that constantly collapses and try out shards of debris to collect your soul, your main goal is survival. If you learned to survive, the first thing you do is relax, a break is needed as the opportunity to relax, strengthen and begin to create something new and it is important not to get stuck here and to go further. You build your life thanks to the resistance, stiffness and the pressure, faith in yourself, because I well remember what was your life until recently. Time passes, your life is not threatened, it is built, the vector is specified, the path is open, but there comes a feeling of bitterness, with which you went forth, as in the snatch with clamped jaws and viciously biting the life. You learn to relax, slow down, processes become different, powerful internal and external is very quiet, you are open, trusting and seemed to be all right outwardly, but find that in the soul something is missing, some content that warms, washes you up inside with warmth and light is love. First love is selfish, then when you live it, you can love other, other, but that's not all. There is something that comes as understanding of lack, inferiority of the soul, that is the highest manifestation of love is mercy.

Higher justice, only mercy. the Greater part of his life , we live in a bipolar world for us, until we grow up spiritually until you accept the unity of opposites as the unity. So most of my life living in the comparison justice, according to the bipolar in yourself and in the world. We weigh all the processes, events, actions and the people themselves on the scales as THEMIS self-TAUGHT. Each of us, his kitchen-sitting room Themis puts on the scales everything that is happening around him, bringing judgment and as the Supreme judge of the world around us. Ourselves we do not judge yet deaf and dead inside, and tried to sign death sentences, life sentences when he entered the victim's condition. But only when we went to the free state and gained knowledge about the soul, the unity of all things in causality, karma, the wheel of samsara, of cycles of life-death-life, the Creator, probably the only time we think about mercy. What does it mean? How to attain and retain compassion in yourself, in soul, in heart in the real world.

it is Important to understand that spiritual growth is not a withdrawal into a monastery or Ashram, where there are provocations and clashes with the real and live life. Spiritual growth, this being here, among people, among the conventional processes and events to preserve the purity of spiritual thoughts, daily inner work of purification and the removal of charges from all that is not so, as we waited, we wanted to preserve the love for what is highest in us, the soul and spirit in each person in spite of his actions.

And of course the first, most difficult, is to come to mercy to himself and in himself, despite the fact that you are an ordinary and very sinful.....You're not perfect and not Holy, not clean to the same extent as the faces of the saints, and will not be possible never. To be compassionate to myself, to admit my weakness and sinfulness, to repent purely and honestly that's already made, trying not to commit such a sin. Not judging yourself and accepting your weakness, zablotskite, educate yourself directing your attention to those who are to you is a teacher or a master teacher-the father, the Creator, the Creator who is love and not judgment. Realizing their nascosti, not revel in it dealing with narcissism and pride, and realizing it, fix if possible. Accepting and forgiving yourself your mistakes, actions, words, to improve in spiritual growth, but not for the medal from a Higher power - I'm good, give me a gift, and for a blissful state within yourself, finding your Paradise within. It is a deep and powerful transformation that constantly interrupts the external controller, the warrior, the judge, Feedneck, rocking, and distracting us from the process of ascension. Yes, Remarque, writing esoteric, warning all about a ascent, my understanding and knowledge of climbing may not be external, it is internal and no inner ascent, no quantum transition is not possible. Not possible leaving your ass at the bottom of life to send heart to the heavens. Ascension is a sense of unity with the Highest within ourselves, the heavens and the Creator of his experience and love in us and do not need if you've found within yourself.

Compassion is a deep understanding and acceptance that each of us is soul, reaching for his spirit, and no man has the right to condemn the soul for its choice. It's just her karma and samsara, it's her choice and path, and who are we, who am I to try this one as its small and limited measure of the minds. "Every sheep is hung by its tail" is that we are its cause and effect, see for yourself, educate yourself, improve yourself, make yourself, develop yourself, take responsibility for your actions. Be nice to yourself and not imaginary himself to those who are not worthy of growth and wealth, are not worthy of love and kindness, or who in its opinion is clearly worthy. All on merit, past and present, all of the works and by faith...and we appointed, and the laws of justice. And only when we have all fit into one container, gut, heart and soul as the highest love without conditions and oughts, comes something that is above justice, that is charity.

despite his own deeds and actions, words and symptoms, keep mercy special work in which reveal all gaps and voids, shadow and all the broken parts of our soul. But not for the prosecution, and corrections and recreation integrity, because the integrity we find repeatedly, person, human, integrity of the soul. It is work that takes our whole lives to the last breath. To be a good heart to yourself and only then look to the outside world. You can't be a sweet heart to others, if in your heart no mercy...but do not confuse this with the corrupt and slavering nurturing, justify their actions under the guise of false mercy. Be a sweet heart is to be kind to yourself in a fatherly way, to accept his weakness and infirmity without a trial, to instruct yourself or taking advice from a Confessor to fix, knowing their capabilities, instead of focus on how much you're low relative to the others. Then we become compassionate to ourselves and to others, showing the same in foreign adoption possibilities and impossibilities. If it is very short to say about mercy, is to try to become kinder inside, cleaner, easier, being a keen heart to his accepting ourselves without judgment - what is love, and so face the world, on people, on their actions. Cultivate your garden of the soul, to elevate and care for him, vypalyvaya weeds infinitely difficult. To be merciful is an emotional and spiritual work of life, where next to you the Spirit, the Father and he love us does not require, does not judge and is waiting for our closer to him heart.

And the parable of drinking monk, is a good example of mercy.


On Mount Athos there was a monk who lived in Kars. Drank every day, and drinking became a cause of scandal to the pilgrims. When he died, a group of the faithful hurried to the elder Paisii, the Holy mountain to share the joy that finally the problem disappeared. O. paisios answered them that he knows about the death of monk and saw all the angelic hosts came to collect his soul. The pilgrims were perplexed and expressed dissatisfaction. One of them asked the elders to explain whom exactly he says, thinking that the elder did not understand them.

Elder paisios told them the following: That this monk was born in Asia Minor, shortly before the crash. Not to leave your infant at home, the parents took him to harvest, and not to cry and not calculated, added a bit of strong alcohol in the milk, so he fell asleep. Because of this, when he grew up addicted to alcohol. Doctors have advised him not to create a family, so it was on mount Athos and became a monk. There he found the elder and told him that an alcoholic. The old man set the rule: "to bow before God and do prayers to the blessed virgin with the request to reduce the amount of alcohol in one drink". After a year of struggle and repentance, he was able to reduce the measure of booze from 20 to 19 drinks a day. The fighting continued and over the years it reached the level 2-3 glasses a day.

for years People saw only a monk and a drunkard and a brawler,but God saw a warrior fighting with great zeal and diligence to overcome the passions.

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