the Art of monotype

the Author of the method considered Kruglikova Elizabeth, the artist who created the etchings in the early twentieth century. One day, she accidentally spilled paint on the printed circuit Board and attaching to the resulting stain a sheet of paper, he noticed an interesting image showed up on it. Subsequently, the artist began to use the effect in his works.

In Greek, monotype is the only technique print. To get it, you can apply any paint and the surface, and special drawing skills are not required.

Monotype for children: the beginning

the Child in many ways Parallels the behavior of surrounding adults, so to interest him in painting, parents can play artists and to try different ways of fine art with their children.

the first lesson you can try to make a drawing on plain paper. Let the child will draw with gouache that is able. Then, while wet paint, you need to quickly cover the image with another sheet and flatten his palm. Then the upper leaf unstick from the backing, it will get a funny picture. This process is very popular with the kids.

For more sophisticated technologies is monotype in kindergarten. To do this, prepare a plastic Board, or Plexiglas. In addition to gouache, you can use oil paint. On the prepared plane draw what you want using a brush or roller, and then made a final paper print. Then it is possible to finish the image obtained with a brush.

the Technique of monotype for preschoolers

Monotype in kindergarten more often included in the compulsory program for EVERY. If in the younger group to receive symbols more often you use your own fingers and palms, starting with the middle group the repertoire of representational resources is becoming more diverse.

For children older than 5 years is quite suitable subject for monotype image symmetrical drawings. For this purpose, better to use thick paper type paper. You need to fold the paper in half and on the bottom of the draw, for example, a butterfly with one wing. Then press the upper part of the sheet resulting image. It will get a symmetrical imprint, and the butterfly will appear a second wing. In the same technique and draw the reflection of landscapes on water.


during the master class on monotypes can offer children another interesting technique that is close to the meditative drawing.

Caregiver or psychologist proposes to make, for example, a holiday card "Frosty patterns", using sheets of paper – the future of Windows, gouache and gel ink blue and white palette, plastic bag, thread, a tube, will Need a soundtrack of "seasons" by Tchaikovsky.

Initially all given the task to look at frost patterns wherever possible. The lesson is accompanied by music read poems on a given topic.

Then the host says that now everyone will learn the magical technique by which everyone can paint frosty pattern their boxes-cards. Here's how: dip the brush in a jar of gouache and apply different colorful stains on the package. Then press it paper. While the resulting imprint dries, you can put on it the patterns of coloured threads and using the tubes to cause drops of the silver gel on your pattern.

When all I will try to be magicians and create the unique patterns, arranged an impromptu Vernissage, during which the children shared their impressions about the experience.

Monotype is a simple and attractive technique for the development of creative abilities of children. It allows them to freely Express their emotions and imagination, as it does not require a long learning. Children learn to freely choose colors and themes for drawings, and eventually get rid of fear of self-selection.

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