No one in his life is not insured against traumatic situations. However, if one survive him briefly, quickly mobilizes, others for long can sink into a negative mental state, feeling or state associated with the overload of psycho-physiological processes (distress, anxiety, frustration), or conditions associated with low tone of the nervous system (fatigue, monotony, loneliness, "night mind").

the sooner you get eliminated negative emotions associated with the experienced trauma, the less damage she could inflict in the future. offered the author's technique of "Monster," which will be effective during the comprehensive work on the elaboration of negative emotions under the guidance of a psychologist.

Technology Monster

1. Take a sheet of A4 paper, write down all the details of this horrific situation, paying attention to the following details:

- describe the room in which the event occurs

who was next

where were you

- describe words, phrases that was said by you and the participants experienced events

- remember the faces of the participants of the event

- describe the emotions, which were experienced in this situation.

2. Take another sheet of A4. Imagine that you are a writer and you need, presenting the situation from the outside, to create her illustration. Based on the experience of the event create a picture in the form of a monster.

3. Put a sheet in front of him, reprimanded him all the negative emotions that have accumulated in you.

4. To break into small pieces or burn a picture of a monster.

5. On a new worksheet create a new history by redefining their role in it.

6. To draw an illustration for a new story. If the picture looks to you the resource, place it in a prominent place, take a picture on your phone or make a splash in the computer.

Usually one traumatic situation is related to another. Therefore, under the guidance of the psychologist to check the sustainability of held equipment. During feedback, describe the emotion associated with the experienced trauma.

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