Story for those who believe in miracles.

Story from real life.

an Extraordinary morning began with sun!

She still didn't know what day it will be...unusual!

This to without pathos (in brackets - break))

this is a November morning, something he bucked into her sleeping breast, she sprang up long before the alarm.

Thought in strange November morning sunshine: "Well, what are you doing up? It's so early!?"

he Rose and prowled the tiny flat in the apartment, drank coffee in silence.

Then went on his usual routine - the child to Wake up, to push him a boutique of tea, take to school, spread necessarily with the teacher – because the first class went to Sonny!

Then ran to work, Tadic - Tadic how the horse learned gait.

From the morning "kicky thing" in my chest there's nothing left, just another day. The only thing not on the season – still Sunny and bright.

After work, all the same the usual course of the store, products, baby, after school pick up, skipping home.

So everything went on the thumb for graphics.

In between paragraphs: "buy groceries" and "pick up child" that it didn't work.

not Yet happened movie, almost silent.

Along with the sun breath of the street, in the rays of the clear autumn air to meet her, was it her dream!

And not even Alen-Delon, and Jean-Paul Belmondo, and all in one assembled together, the image is a tall, slender blonde walked towards her and smiled.

the Floors, the long dark cloak fluttered wings, white scarf waving in the wind, he was not – hovered in the air.

"Bucked" already accustomed to the day, heart in the chest, voice hoarse, mumbled something old friend, like Hey-how-things-all-good, and not herself went on, looking around and pinching myself - what was it?

He and she in recent years each has lived a piece of life.

Married, every thought of love to the last breath. He lived a few years in marriage, each gave birth to one baby, happily divorced.

At the time random, and not random, the meetings were both already tridtsatnik. Belief in itself was on legs, gait and jog trot passed gradually into a gallop to search the meaning of life and themselves in this post-perestroika life. The crisis has come to everyone in life almost simultaneously.

morning in November And knew what was going to happen today because it was Sunny and bright.

Love and wonder, Wake up with a smile and live arm in arm with happiness!

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