I have to Say that modesty and shyness is not the same, but almost always they go together as cause and effect.
surprisingly, the topic concepts have troubled me in childhood. The fact that I was criticized for the lack of modesty. And then, reflecting on this subject, I began to realize that modesty and moral standards is a completely different concepts!

the moral, therefore, is implemented in the community representation about the good and the bad, and the totality of standards of conduct arising from these submissions. I believe that moral standards are underlying in the structure of personality.
Under the modesty usually mean character of the person under shyness a mental state characterized by hesitation, stiffness. That is, simply put, shyness and modesty is an internal constraints, and the moral foreign, educated, and acquired.

If you translate all these words in a more visual way, you get an example. If I have no shame, I can walk down the street naked, and I do not confuse, BUT I adhere to a fairly strict moral standards, and won't do it, because it is negative will affect other people submit bad example Teens, etc. In turn, the shyness without moral standards not guarantee good behaviour personality.

Modesty is fine, but the problem is that people often shy do a completely normal, useful and good business. For example, to speak in public, dance on the street, what's in a good mood, or even to approach the man, that he help!
Shyness, I would be opposed to state inner freedom! However, it is important to remember that the freedom of one person ends where it begins the freedom of another! This definition is firmly lodged in my head at school. It is important to understand that you are free to do whatever does not infringe and does not harm the interests of of others.

I know a lot of adults, who for example, "dumb" to ride with a child on the carousel. If You are one of them, then admit to yourself that, under these modern word hides the uncertainty a, internal stiffness. "Dumb" or in other words, I should be ashamed for something bad, and to sing, walking around the city, not a shame, unless it's night and you have a good ear ;)

Arina Ptashkina
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