Morality as a tool of manipulation.

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Morality and ethics are highly valued in society, but, unfortunately, they are often used as an instrument of torture, which can drip on the brain of others to impose their own way of looking at the world, and to subdue. Very often, morality is used as a tool for the suppression of another's will. For example, there are some families in which any free expression of feelings and thoughts is regarded as immoral, and then they indict:

- You are Selfish!

- You want only you were good. And you thought about others?

And in fact, for this sermon cheap altruism, where a search of selfishness in another, hides an attempt to involve the person in their game in certain conditions:

- I'm on you your whole life laid, you ungrateful...

If a man speaks, you should bear in mind that then you will be billed:

I've spent the best years of his life, so now you have no right to say what you think and even feel what you feel.

the Manipulator is trying to rein in another person under the pretext of the accepted norms of behavior. And any attempt to rein in fact is an attempt to control and manipulate others.

Normally this tool is used women. For some reason they feel entitled to wear judicial robes, although in reality they one not give. They are happy in her dresses, and position themselves as an absolute stiff, a Holy man, and all the rest is done for selfish. It defines the structure of the family, and any attempt to cast doubt on such a construction causes a very negative reaction, and is considered as an absolute immorality and amorality. If an alternative to the concept of "I am the Holy woman", the answer is this - "shame on you!". At all to provoke the other into shame — this is the goal of manipulation because the people in an attempt to get rid of this unpleasant feeling, ready easily to adopt the proposed rules in the hope of gaining a manipulator.

But really, in this situation it is the Holy altruist is doing is very immoral, as it dominates and suppresses the other. For all of its games hidden no separation of

- You're not supposed to go — says the wife to her husband.

- I to you all soul gave says the mother to the son.

And what did she mean? The manipulator wants to receive equivalent payment for its prey. For life can be bought off just life.

- So as I put my life on you, so now I'm the owner, the slave owner, and you have to obey me. Here is the genuine meaning of the message.

And if children are trying to get away from such parents, the older generation immediately begin health problems — "Oh my bad", "I could have a stroke", "I'm dying." The ban on the division carries information — you're killing me, Holy woman life laid on you, his desire to split up with me.

And the pressure children are very difficult to endure and can not sleep. Well this is how callous you have to be to go and start to build his own destiny by killing his mother this. And such children often choose to live with mother.

Very bright picture appears when the son is going with his girlfriend to go on vacation, and his mother, dressed in a greasy Bathrobe, in judicial robes, bath towel instead of a wig, and with the ladle in his hands instead of a hammer, admonishes his son:

- Serge, I want to tell you the truth, except the mother you no one will say. I'm with you all my life put in order some Masha you enjoyed. So you...

And these children are not building their family and not living my life. They choose to stay with the mother and often drink too much because it's the only way to at least get her to run. And by the way, it entitles the mother to really say that she's a Saint for putting up with such a terrible son.

Wives of alcoholics usually the same sin, reveling in their Holiness. If man miraculously be able to escape from such a woman, he soon recovers from alcohol. He can meet another woman who sees the real him, hears his thoughts, understand his feelings. And if it is not to humiliate him and crush using morality to shut him up — he'll be a happy man and a good husband.

Morality is a form of domestic violence in which you wear a gag and forbid you to say something under the pretext of morality, and any attempt to say something here suppressed "You — scoundrel, bastard, and you should be ashamed", "I'd do the mouth is not opened!"

Pseudomaculata are the big complainers. They love to complain about everyone and everything because it's trying to appeal to authority, which all shamelessly forced to do by the rules.

What do the person who got hooked to the moralist? What is the recipe of salvation?

  1. Read the Convention on human rights. It turns out the man has a right to life, to choice, to freedom of speech. And use it as a document legalizing your right to your thoughts and your feelings.

  2. Read the theory of Darwin. If all the cubs were given the duty of their parents, the population would have survived for 2 generations, neither of which the evolution could not be considered.

  3. Be daring and determination to bring 1 and 2 point to the aggressor, he will hear them not earlier than 10 times, so persist.

  4. Write at least 20 of their desires and fulfill them. When you are finished, write 20 more.

  5. Get a support group that will hear you and share your feelings and to help to resist.

  6. Let yourself become the "Bad girl/boy" and "Ungrateful pig".

  7. Start living your life, your mind and feelings — that personal happiness and health.

  8. If you need the help of a professional psychologist in order to gain power for trench war/decisive response and to develop a strategy of liberation from slavery necessarily refer to a specialist.

Natalia Ostretsov
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