Mother (sketch from yard benches)


So indignant voice could not fail to attract attention. The woman was sitting on a bench and someone very loudly speaking on the phone. Willy-nilly, I began to listen.

Slowly started to develop a picture of what is happening. On the bench sat a mother. And she called my mom.

" Well, is this normal? I ask you, is this normal? Kate came home the next evening!

Why she had to stay the night this Lena? There's also a room of two by two. What is there to do all night?"

his Imagination painted a story about a teenager who has broken all conceivable prohibitions, stepping down to walk and not returning home to the promised time. Maternal anxiety aroused sympathy and understanding. Imagined a conversation between two good friends about the awkward girl-the teenager, who breaks all the possible limits of the prohibitions.

My interest grew.

"Vera, I'm calling You in order to understand how to react!"

I realized that cringed in disbelief. - It was hardly about his daughter?

Adopted child, a step-daughter? ... so who all has it?!

My therapeutic thinking earned in the "Pinkerton"

" Well, everything is clear with You" - Suddenly sarcastically drawled a voice from the bench.

"Your daughter has two(!) children. I understand - she was young. She could take a walk and our Misha!"

there was a Puzzle.

Pinkerton inside me relaxed, and family therapist sad. - History more. at least emerged.

the mother of the husband sitting on a bench seaside recreation, screaming into the phone mom wife about "inappropriate" behavior of the daughter in respect of her son Misha. And decided what to do.

apparently no objection, mother-in-law were not accepted and the conversation was completed very angry farewell in the spirit of "like mother - like daughter".

I just stared straight at that beautiful mother Odessa, ozabochenno happiness of his son in family life.

of Course there are very many issues that could somehow fill using imagination. But one thing was certainly clear - this woman will not give up on their own ever. Her struggle will always be uncompromising and ruthless. Her son NEEDS to be happy and this happiness she was ready to provide him with any price!

In the finale of this story from the bench there were a couple of calls on the phone insulted her mother in law. She briefly commented on it to my husband, sitting beside him. -

"Perhaps it is her friends - they rooted me mate!"

a Strong woman. The woman should be in control of yourself and others. And others simply do not know!

I felt sorry for her and of great love and even greater concern about the safety of loved ones, she easily breaks all conceivable borders, like a bull in a China shop, destroying everything in its path that it seems wrong or unsafe.

Winners in this story will not be exact.

Katya and Misha, give You the God to survive in a whirlwind this very sincerely lost motherly love!

PS an hour Later when I went back to the shop, a pair of angry parents of her husband was still sitting and discussing the life of his son and his wife with the intensity of brainstorming chotherapeutic couple of family therapists.

I realized that the young will not help anything, except that fleeing to another country with the most severe visa regime.

[in Russian] Irina
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