the Eternal struggle between mother-and daughter-in-law. Very rarely it happens that they are friends or good friends. Often, they just fight, argue, try to attract the attention of a loved men at any cost. How to build relationships and become friends? br>

First, you need to remember that any negative comment about mother-in-law will be perceived husband hostility, because he's hurting and unpleasant to listen to such things about his mother. Even if it doesn't show in his soul will accumulate negative emotions and hatred. That would not do your second mother, the husband will still be her devoted son. So convenient, it is desirable to be friends! br>

I Propose a few guidelines for a good relationship. br>

1. Cohabitation is a bad choice! br>

best at the beginning of the relationship to agree that you and your husband will live separately from his mother. Thus, it will be much more likely to create warm relations. If you have decided to live together, there may be many problems and conflicts. When in the same area for two women to be war. To avoid this, the daughter needs to acknowledge that the mother-in-law has the same right to be mistress in my house. br>

2. Gifts. br>

You had a fight with his mother-in-law or just want to get her something nice? Then why not make some time to prepare a gift? Find out from the husband that she loves and do it. Bake a favorite cake or buy her sweets, which she loves the most. Of course, the best gift - a gift made with your own hands. Well, if a small gift or nice compliments you're giving mother-in-law just like that. Just imagine how it would be nice! Second make your mom happy! br>

3. Interested in the life of his mother. br>

Talking to a second mom on her success in work, personal life, ask her how her day was. You will not even notice how quickly you will become closer and maybe even become friends. The main thing here is sincerity! Giving his mother-in-law positive emotions, pleasant smile, and then good will return to you with praise and approval. br>

4. The adoption and care! br>

Even in the days when you are offended by mother-in-law, still do not forget to call her and get on for it. You need to be able to forgive and accept their loved ones as they really are. At the same time, your personal character will improve with each passing day. You must also not forget that your children will absorb your behavior in-law. In the future they may apply to you. You don't want to raise angry and aggressive people? br>

5. Talk about your spouse only in a positive way! br>

you can Never complain about the husband of his mother-in-law, because the mother, her son remains a Superman! So when her husband mentions only positive things to recall only the good deeds, because my mom brought up your husband. I sincerely thank her! br>

we Can conclude that you need to learn to truly love and accept the mother of her husband. We wish you success in this need, but such a difficult task!

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