mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, who, who?

the Main conflict in this relationship is that any mother-in-law has a feeling of maternal jealousy at the attention his son. Sometimes much, sometimes little, but the fact remains – it is.

And there  here, in fact, is not particularly important, the soup is not so welded to her husband is not courteous or Cup not raised.

And it is important that all the merits of his son, the mother unconsciously sees the merit of his upbringing.

And the reasons for such behavior can be quite a lot, one of the most common, that certain hormonal and age-related changes that occur in a woman's life (menopause) in the period when we've done this enough adults children are beginning to start their families.

And the woman, feeling a these biological changes, starting with the loss of its former beauty, health, begins to unconsciously (and sometimes not) compare yourself with a young beautiful woman and "nibble"_ it from time to time, not to relax)

And sister-in-law, somehow is to blame for the fact that swagruha, experiencing all these and age involutional processes, becomes a grandmother, which loses its potential appeal.

Small conflicts in the relationship, probably will always be, but what about when the conflict between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law grows so much that it prevents the normal happy family life? In my experience, there were several such examples, as much with the fights – thank God all are alive)).

the following are the three main factors, the availability of which depends on the intensity of conflict in these relations.

1. Traits. Often the mother-in-law, this woman, like the life experience, usually domineering and controlling. Which, also thanks to this feature, trying the family's son on lead and its order. Which, of course, there is not enough)

2. Conditions and quality of life. If the mother in law more or less developed personality and has their interests, Hobbies, passions and living space, it is unlikely to complain about the apartment or the quality of the wash. And if not, then "hold me seven”))

3. The relationship of mother and son. Giperprodukcia - all, if the mother was "suffocating" that controls and decides everything for her son, raising him as “male”, like to her marriage)). Then creating your family, it is unlikely to be able to defend their borders the front, and this means saying “my husband will be married to mommy". Roughly speaking mom will be everywhere. This is probably the worst option for a daughter-in-law, because the law in this case would be to try to constantly suppress the daughter to make her "normal wife," for synuli and not God-knows-whom)))

In the following article will talk about how to behave sister-in-law in such a situation.

And you're lucky to have a mother-in-law)?

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