You are in love and getting married? Greetings! And how do you family of your chosen one? Just do not say-"I can't live")) but seriously, the speech today will focus on the mother-in-law, about the myths and realities that accompany her relationship with her daughter-in-law. The article is of course more focused on daughters-in-law, but because they become mothers-in-law))

you should Start of course, with deliberate choice of a partner, that means a very thorough acquaintance with his family. The family is a system. The family of your chosen one is a system, part of which you will become whether or not you want it.. well, condition if you will be married soon))
Before marriage you should pay attention to the rules of interaction in the family of your fiancé, then - who's in the family, their traditions, their patterns of interaction. Pay special attention to the relationship of your men and his mom. Makes no sense to build illusion his attitude to you will be much different (for the better) than his mother.
All you obscure moments of interaction specify the man-no sense in embarrassment-is to ask all the questions on the shore. Honestly answer yourself the question: "if I'm ready to become a part of this system, develop and improve it?"when in doubt,or not ready to answer in the affirmative: "Yes", then is no sense to hurry with the wedding.
If all the same family men were you in tune with your parent and family, don't hurry illusion to build the cloudless sky overhead. Thunderstorms are there. where they did not expect)
mother-in-law - woman. your husband gave their blood and their homes, and raised him the way you loved him. This is a good reason to respect this woman. Although, to be honest, respect is to show parents a priori. exactly like all people. Respect for parents is that you allow them to be who they are, without wanting to bend them for you in a comfortable position; observe the interaction, qualitatively to interact with them - they have no obligation to implement your needs.
mother-in-law you is not friend. and it makes no sense to be friends with her, because that is not real. A friend is another me, equal to me. A priori, you are not in equal position with her, even to one man-her son and your husband. Son and husband have different roles. exactly like the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. You don't have to be friends with her or love her, respect will be more than enough.
mother-in-law you is not a rival, it makes no sense for it be to hang a label. Otherwise, "how to ship call-and float" will See it as an ally, which has a lot to learn, look at her as their teacher and will thank you for it-this will allow you to calmly accept the situation.
Remember all the things you do not like in-law - most likely there and you just yourself you it's harder to see and recognize. To learn you have a mother-in-law really something, for example "make it useful"
Periodically consult with the mother-in-law in matters of farming: it will raise the authority of the mother-in-law and give her to understand that you have no desire to fight with it.Ask the mother what food likes and dislikes, her son, have to give the recipe.When I'm visiting with my mother in law, try offering to help her with the housework: you can cheat and say that you can't do something — let her show you how to do it "right".

And all around like that. Remember this-in all good measure.And don't confuse useful, but not necessary.

the Golden rule in dealing with mother-in-law - to remember that she's the mother of your husband and her as any mother to speak ill of her child makes no sense. It makes no sense to wash dirty linen in your family, it makes sense to be a quality wife and love the man you have chosen for yourself. Neither more nor less. Any mother is pleased and flattered. Seeing a well-groomed, well-fed and treated kindly by her son, the mother just can't be unhappy and angry with you. And even if it will continue to be unfair to you, your defense will face the husband. And it will be his decision. not your extortion or the result of your manipulations in setting up the husband against his own mother.

there are No issues that cannot be resolved to live people. Learn every time nice to interact with my husband and his family. Take all the best of it's kind and improve for the benefit of his family, their children.

Love and be loved!

Cozy and warm winter!!

I would be glad if my articles, you will be useful in the practice of your life!

Thank you for your "thank you", you say" pressing the button "thank you" )

Tatiana Savenko
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