one of the sessions is dedicated to femininity, my client, let's call her Alice, asked about the psychological portrait of the famous and popular kinogeroy from "Irony of fate or with light steam!" Nadia Sheveleva, played by the gorgeous Barbara Brylska, voiced Valentina Talyzina, well, singing for which she Alla. A juicy mix of charismatic, striking personalities turned out. Accordingly, the issue was very interesting and unusual.
Personality Nadya is very specific. This girl, apparently, who grew up in a single parent family with a very authoritarian mother. (For scraps of film, we can hypothetically conclude that the mother is a suppressive person, while she Nadia personality suppressed).

it started in the misty childhood of this blond girl. Given the tough nature of the mother, the girl left without a father. Hence the complex is the only daughter with severe narcissistic manifestations, but at the same time, insecurity, introversion,a certain detachment says more about the dominance of the phlegmatic temperament.

Alice is wondering what Nadia is too cold. "I look at it, and it is as if life is not dead for some".

Indeed, despite a relatively active social position (held as a teacher and has two close friends, dates, etc.), Nadia generally passive and distant.

"many times I watched the movie, but every time I think that Nadia kind of disorganized, more like an immature person."

the Suppressed person has a relatively low amount of energy, and a certain percentage of victimization.

I recall the victimization - from the Latin. victima — victim - a person's predisposition to get into different kinds according to the severity of the situation as the victim or object of crime.

Nadia, apparently, is one of those. Starting from the generally accepted approach,we can notice that the behavior of Nadi is the victim's behavior in the presence of suppressive personalities, including: Ippolit Zhenya Lukashin (please don't call him a Lifeguard!), mom Nadia and Zhenia's mother.

Nadia attracts the curious cases, which looks very doubtful. That is, it is not fully formed or even deformed Nadi relationships with men, as well as her identity, confirms this fact.

as for suppressive personalities, Zhenya Lukashin, despite the love of universal proportions of the female part of the USSR, it should be noted at number one:
  • the only son of his Jewish mother ("and then, if you're not married, you're not getting married, nikogda" Odessa melodious tone of her voice sounds);
  • Narcisse (although at first glance, this is a very controversial fact, more marked at the detailed analysis);
  • are not deprived of the rudeness and cynicism (remember how he talks to Nadia how to behave in her apartment?)
  • master manipulator, devaluing love Gali (tells his bride about how he escaped from the first bride in Leningrad!),
  • emotional deceiver (abruptly changes attitude towards women, suddenly fell out of love with the Gal and fell in love with Nadia) with unstable values.

Speaking of Hippolyte, it is also possible to make a conclusion about its destructive nature, about possible violations in the field of social, interpersonal, paranoid manifestations.

however, it is also narcissistic and ambitious. Painful focusing on infidelity not only testifies to the paranoia personality of Hippolytus, but also on the possible psychological trauma associated with infidelity women.

the Obvious error of raising a girl alone authoritarian mother condemning Nadia for chronically failed relationships. First, "half marriage", then paranoid Hippolyte, then cynical narcissist Lukashin.

Nadia does not know how to say" no", but in the potential it speaks to the loss of the sense resistance and weakness volitional sphere, not fully formed in childhood. Also hypothetically, this indicates broken contact with the mother, not suffering from his daughter no objection or demanding unquestioning obedience.

Arkhangelsk Nadezhda
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