I've never understood people who are always in a hurry. I am by nature slow and inattentive. Plunging into the world of psychology, I learned that rush says about anxiety. And for a couple of years I more tightly than ever before acquainted with that feeling.

To a large extent my anxiety is linked with motherhood. With the desire to do everything. With the need to respond to baby any minute and throw everything to save him and themselves from children's tears and tantrums. I feel ambulance, fire, police, Chip and Dale... Many mothers of young children will understand me, I guess.

Some children are born with a phlegmatic, they are of little use and they are self-sufficient. Then mom is in a hurry and doesn't save anyone. She has time for housework, needlework, they can go to the cafe and shops to visit. Such children allow the mothers to sleep, and even if they themselves woke up - no alarm. Everyone is happy and mother and child. But I rarely meet such idyll. I quietly envy them.

envy makes a education child psychology and the words of teachers that calm, trouble-free children in the future are more likely to become clients of psychologists.

Why these children do not require attention? Maybe their mother was not particularly noticed their tears and tantrums and they ceased to claim anything. And , perhaps, they have difficulty determining their desires and not enough effort to say so to your mother screaming or crying. Or is it thick-skinned children - phlegmatic, which, indeed , little touches, all of them well, and they are quite happy with life.

I see the habit in a hurry not only mothers little fidgets. Many women rush persists for life. The child is already married, and mom can't get used to the fact that it is now her time is not necessary to share with anyone, no need to save anyone but himself. And himself can not be saved, and to please and spoil.

On their own note - even if the daughter is at daycare or at grandma's - I'm still in a hurry. And what a thrill to feel this rush and to slow down... Refuse to eat the whole elephant. To eat instead of rabbit, for example. To go to the store and to meet my girlfriend, and household chores to do, and the task of learning... Or just sleep, then drink a cappuccino and to spend a quiet evening with her husband.

Cool to feel the rush, to understand that you can not rush and are happy to slow down before the next spurt.

pleasure to read comments mom about the anxiety and haste. Whether it is with motherhood? Returned if measured life with a maturing child or You the rest of my life in a hurry?

chebykina, Elena
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