Continuing the theme of fears associated with waiting for the first kid, I want to offer a creative and relaxing technique for working with fears.

of Course, depending on the depth of experiences necessary to work in different directions, and while offering picturesque technique of "Road to parenthood". I purposely did not offer examples of drawings, not to stir the creative spirit. Like all drawing technique - the quality of the picture in terms of beauty lines, prospects, etc. is irrelevant. Important only the process. I recommend to draw non-dominant hand (left for righties and right for lefties).

Take a sheet of paper, put it in front of you horizontally. Think if you have fears or anxiety related to impending motherhood. What?What do you feel when all the troubles stop?

With one hand draw a schematic of the woman expecting the baby, she will associate you with. On the opposite side draw a woman with a child (it can be in her arms, stand next to or it may be a family with a baby).

From one of the heroine until the second draw a path (road, trail). It can be straight and can be curved.

In several places on this trail draw that will be associated with your anxiety, for example, rocks, logs, walls, etc.. you Can label each object, to be specific, not an abstract fear. You have the situation at the moment. All you can decorate, add color.

the Last step it is important to abstract from specific stratregy and add an element which would move to destroy breaching, etc. that you have drawn in the stone, the beam, the wall or the object that you are portrayed. It can be balloons, a ladder, a hammer, it's great to discover the condition of the child and to play.

This technique also can serve as a good ground for analysis or just thinking. Of course, it is important that it does not eliminate fear, but relieves anxiety and enables creativity.

I will appreciate any comments and creative additions to the technique.

Subbotovskaya Elena
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