the Problem of motivation disturbs people who have a goal, but faced with the problem of result. 

  • I Want to write a book
  • Want to learn English
  • I Want to save up for an apartment

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this purpose, we conditionally divide on social, personal and material. Social goals are the plans related to self-realization, social status. Personal - related to self-development. And material - purchasing, stockpiling. 

As in the example of Louis ck: in 20 years I want to learn English, going on courses, in 30 years I want to learn English, going to go at least one lesson, 40 want to buy the dictionary, in 50 years I want to remember at least one sentence. 

i.e. the goal is not forgotten, but the steps to achieve it simply does not. 

it's like something's blocking us from within. We understand that in order to learn the English you need to:

a) to Find a suitable course
b) hire a tutor
C) to buy online course
d) to start to read and translate articles
d) to start watching videos and movies with subtitles
e) start to listen to music in that language.
f) to start learning words for household items - furniture, pronouns, basic verbs, etc. br>
it's All about changing the usual course of things, out of comfort zone. Beyond that - Oh as not hunting! After all, would... oops... different. You will see the world through different eyes, and with the knowledge of English comes the need to use it - ie more information will be available to you excuses about a trip abroad is not a ride. 

We are not ready for this, cry your nerve cells. And accordingly - they don't want to do the bridge to became available something that will shake and even blow your mind - the usual course of things.

So what's behind this, what is the problem motivation? 

You try to discover the motivation for what simply isn't ready yet. If not ready - so it's not motivation, some goals, and to define clearly the formulation of this goal. 

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