What are we really motivated?

I think that all the ways of motivation can be assembled in 3 large groups. Take the idea from D. Pink

MOTIVATION 1.0 – survival – animal level.

We are doing what is essential for survival. Unfortunately, in the 21st century there are examples of this: wars, disasters and crises. In a forced situation, the motive for each of us will be a priority. We are accustomed, without hesitation, to enjoy the benefits of technologies and expect a civilized environment but when the environment changes dramatically to survive will only the inclusion of this level. And in this we are equal with all living beings on the planet.

MOTIVATION 2.0 - "carrot and stick" – influence on behavior from the outside.

This is the level of social environment. In order to be accepted in the community, we need to comply with its requirements. From parents and educators, a big part of life is affected by the method of "carrot and stick".

it would Seem that the carrot and stick are different motivators. The whip as motivation "FROM" something, and the carrot as motivation "To" something. And I want to abandon the carrot and the stick to the carrot, the whip as a relic, and the carrot as a modern method. But what they have in common:

• Impact on people from the outside.
in Recognition of the fact that work is always an unpleasant task.
• a Person can not act independently.
• And your result may not itself assess - requires assessment and approval.

But at some stage we pererastaet and this motivation. Do you really think that without the "carrot and stick" you will cease to do anything or anything to strive for, and you'll just lie on the couch? If your answer is Yes, then don't read any further.

MOTIVATION 3.0 – intrinsic motivation-interest in solving creative tasks.

in 1949 Harry Harlow, the psychologist, introduced the concept of "third motivating force" – when the task serves as an internal reward. Even monkeys Harlow with a passion to solve puzzles without any external stimuli. A person? People are willing to pay extra for such a possibility: the spread of quests is a Testament to that.

the Main criterion for Motivation 3.0 is the nature of the work: the work must be creative and the result of the work belongs to the authors.

For different types of work suit different types of motivation, for example,

Motivation 3.0: a designer who develops the model, or master, which makes the individual pair of shoes, or a team of experts who are developing a new engine, etc.

Motivation 2.0: work on the pipeline, algorithmic work, repetition of similar processes.

When we are no longer afraid of the whip, and each new stick already seems fresh – so we are ready to wonder "And what tasks I am willing to solve, so I joined the third speed – MOTIVATION 3.0?"

it includes:

  • Impact on people from the inside – I can't do it, can't stop thinking about it.
  • When I'm busy love – I forget about everything and do not notice how time runs.
  • the desired outcome is the main reward and pleasure.
  • the Man himself appreciates the result.

All types of motivation are present in our lives?

1.0 – when we take care of your body: food, clothing, health and other physiological needs.

2.0 – when we fulfill our obligations to others.

3.0 – when we respond to their inner impulses and allow our core values to come to the surface.

There is still next level, but about it next time.

And now please share whether you feel your Motivation 3.0?

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