Now there are a lot of motivational training to successfully achieve goals. But after many trainings, with 80% of participating in training happens next. After the training you have motivation, a desire to do, to make breakthroughs, feats, and thus there is a lot of tension, which tries to reduce to zero what you want to do something that is motivate yourself. And after a severe and stubborn battle with this tension, this resistance comes very tired and I understand that the power is running out and you can't fight your resistance. Even if you pass the resistance, then it often happens that you get sick or next to someone sick, or something happens that prevents you from moving on.

ultimately you merge, you merge your energy spent to achieve the goal that drained the money that paid for the training. There is a feeling of shame, and sometimes shame, that merged, in what turned out to be the worst of all the participants in motivational training. Of course, you become a little higher, a little smarter, you have a little bit easier to do those things that you were afraid to do. But did you expect else did you expect more! With this, you can see that there are people (few of them, but they are there) that can easily do the same thing they do. They don't get sick, their relatives also don't get sick, they are not so tired from the fight with the resistance. And it's a miracle! Then begins zavedenie and samarasena why you failed, and someone got it easy?! What you have is wired differently?! Such self-flagellation can last a long time.

some of you may decided not to go to motivational training, otherwise he will just become disabled, thus having achieved only small results.

I also went a similar path, went to training, but the results were not satisfactory. Then I decided to sort myself out, went to learn to be a therapist, I passed hundreds of hours of psychotherapy, faced the dark sides of his personality and learned to embrace the light side of my personality. Then began my psychotherapeutic activity, despite the fact that she turned out successful, the question "What did I do wrong?" and gave me no peace.

only many years later, after the start of the psychotherapy practice, after many hours of work with clients, I began to understand that the blocks, what kind of restrictions that prevents me from going forward. I also helped that I started working with eating disorders, such families, where the voltage is the main regulator of what to eat when to eat and how much to eat.

As it turned out the basis of my units are the very words from childhood, "don't shout!", "Don't make a noise!", "Slow down!", "Not unique!", "Not clever!", "Do that you didn't complain!". Once spoken, these words have no meaning, but many times repeated and with the threat in his voice, and sometimes with reinforcement, physical punishment, these words are the devil's way can change the life of any child, and especially empathetic and sensitive child as I was.

What's going on with me for motivational training: my desire to achieve goals begins to accelerate and crashed with great speed in a big block, which makes it difficult to move on. And if you are lucky and the block is not too large and hard, I will be able to break or move, and if the unit is too big, then I get squeezed from two sides between a great motivation and a huge block. Then I just flatten into a pancake, like in the accident, the body appear a lot of voltage in order to achieve the goal and a lot of tension to stay in place. And these two make me just explode starts not childish sausage, disturbed sleep, head stops to think, thinking becomes a tunnel and then – "farewell my goal," she again crashed on my blocks and fears.

According to the coaches, people who merge a lot, and is in any motivational training, on any topic: to reduce excess weight, sales, management, self motivation, on the pickup, trading and others. Someone is better someone worse, but it's a huge number of people merged at the training or after the training reaches 80%.

So before you go to motivational training, offer training in awareness of their blocks, bans, clips that are in our body, in the subconscious and prevent us to achieve great results. This is why was developed a special training where you can work with your body, with its prohibitions to success and to get rid of them.

This training decided to call anti-motivational because it will work with your antimotility, After this training, the motivation will little by little increase yourself.

Link to the training for those who want to clear your subconscious of obstacles to success.

Andriy Klyuyev
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