Motivation money?


I only work with adults. But often adults customers asking about their children, how to behave in a given situation. More difficulties arise for parents when the child goes in puberty. It is a period of rebellion, controversy, defending personal boundaries, the depreciation of the parental plants, as well as a period of vulnerability, vulnerability, in General, all in a heap.

Frequent complaints of parents that the teenager wants nothing to do around the house, and the biggest problem, does not want to learn. What to do? Usually recommend, in more complicated situations are sent to a psychologist who works with adolescents.

Here I had a case where a mom took their child to psychologists. But particularly the problem is not resolved. Most of the mothers results in the treatment was very good. One day, I asked her to motivate your teen in terms of money, i.e. money.

the Proposal was accepted ambiguously. Had fears and stereotypes. For example, so the child's money will corrupt, it will be prudent in the future, not just to help parents. Gonna be some crook, thief, stingy miser. The spirit of the altruist will be missing completely.

If you look at real life, how many people work for a small salary, just giving all his time to the work, and the employer, therefore, uses the profits from. Work, it turns out, is impaired.

I told the client the experience of my father. When he was in school, my grandfather gave him 5 rubles (Soviet money a pretty good amount) for the notebook, which was one of the five. My father tried to learn, he was motivated – money that could be spent on their needs.

What has it gotten him? In adult life my father loved order everywhere. Especially in work. Everything had to be clearly on the shelves. Dominated by perfectionism. To any business came with feeling, with properly, with deliberation. Did their job efficiently. Everything is always completed to the end. Was able to save, but also knew how to make good money. His father's money has always been.

Interested in the opinion of the readers. How do You think to motivate teenagers for money?

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