achievement Motivation – the desire to achieve high performance and skill in any activity. This motive is manifested in the choice of challenging tasks, errands, meetings and the desire to fulfill them. Continuous training themselves in difficult circumstances and achieving positive results is an excellent school that reflects the need to improve ourselves, to grow in comparison with himself.

of Course, a lot easier ways achieve some results. For example, to add tactical weight yourself by belittling the merits of others, or as they say. Goebbels "Throw mud at a man, something will stick". But in this case you can only deceive others, their merit in any event will not be added.

the Success of any activity depends not only on the inclinations, abilities, skills, abilities, experience, and the motivation of achievement. People with a high level of achievement motivation in order to obtain good results, persistently working for the achievement of goals.

human Behavior, which is aimed at achieving good results even in one and the same person, not always the same and depends on the situation and subject activities. Someone chooses a difficult task, someone is limited to more modest goals. What determines the level of motivation in each activity? There are four factors:

- the subjective importance of success;

- hope for success;

- the perceived probability of success;

- subjective standards (criteria).

the Main engine for the formation of achievement motivation is the will, which in turn is linked with the subjective assessment of the significance of the success of a man reaching the desired goal.

In essence, the will is the tool to achieve the goal (success), which implies the desired change and positive results of these changes.

the Peculiarity of will is that it is violence, coercion to do things they do not want, or, conversely, rejection of what you really want. So start raising willpower should habits to overcome difficulties. Systematically overcoming the first small difficulty, but with time and a significant a person trains and tempers his will. Every obstacle today, to consider how another "fortress", and to do everything possible to become tomorrow's another taken "fortress" stronger.

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