once there was an ordinary girl. Not that pretty, but not ugly. Not that smart, but not stupid. Lived like not bad but not good. It was like her husband, but they never communicated, – were nearby. Like she had a good job, but not all of it worked. Like was she a good colleague (she thought so), but they decided to get rid of it. She probably tired of that and made sure that she left. Hard she was to live alone in a strange city. With her husband she went with colleagues and had a fight. The new job she is also not very much.

she Decided one day to change my life for the better.

- What am I here to suffer? What keeps me here? thought Nadia. – Me here it becomes absolutely bad. You need to change the place of residence and go where I will be much better. Yes, and I wanted to move a little closer to her parents.

we Sat, reflected, estimated their capabilities and decided to move to the South, closer to her parents.

- you Need to find a good paying job, a cheap but comfortable accommodation and children class.

and the children when he heard of the decision of the mother, delighted. They supported her and began to count the days until the move.

On the way to a new place, she drove to her parents to tell them of his moving closer. But for some reason they are not happy, and began to dissuade her from moving to this city.

- You would be better moved to us. We have plenty of space. Or there's Saransk next. Would an apartment there and lived. Still nearer to us.

- Well, I'm going to do? There is utter devastation! The work is, wages do not. Stability no no. And I still need to learn and children on their feet to raise!

- to Learn! For years, asshole, and still learning! When are you going to quit your study? Before retirement to learn to be? – beginning to resent the mother.

Father, as always, remained silent on the sidelines.

- retired too, I will learn! remarked Nadia. – What's the difference? Did I do something bad? Nadia was very sad that the mother didn't understand her and didn't share her desire to learn something new.

' Nothing you don't... - start talking mother.

- Then I can understand your indignation at my address about the study.

well, maybe you should instead of studying was saving their money for housing! And then waste them. Or life in a rented shed to wander you?

Even so, what's the matter? – angry Nadia. Her the conversation in a similar tone, already tired.

Mother always criticized her decision. Always saw only the negative and never praise your daughter for what she puts some goals and tries to achieve them. And any good initiatives daughter always nipped the whole tub of negative.

Nadia remembered how had said to the mother who wants to go to study in Institute. How much filth listened then: "What is this profession? Where will you be working in this profession? But who need this profession? Is generally a profession can not be named! How will you make money? And how much do you make? Food even be missed?" And all in such spirit.

Nadia, of course over the years of such disturbances of the mother have learned to put it in place, but still it was difficult for her. She was searching for support, understanding and acceptance of her for who she is! Everything she did or wanted, was always criticized by his mother! And with the husband while living was almost the same. Therefore left him.

- And her husband-why'd you break up? if reading her thoughts, said the mother. – He's good! Always all in the family was carrying, loves children, no walks, no drinking, Golden hands, all around the house makes you more helps. I do not understand, what don't you like it?

- Lack of respect!

Respect - said mother. – I won a lifetime no respect from anyone, and even the constantly bullied, chased.... And nothing lived! Because they believed that it is better to keep the family together so the children had a father.

- what? Well kept family. She herself suffered and are now suffering! And we did? You have asked – we needed such a sacrifice? And now we are reaping the fruits of your suffering. And why should I go your way? Don't I have a right to your way of life? Or I have no right to be happy?

- but who do you in your age is going to need? And left alone, will run on a rented hut and learn to death!

Well, thank you, mommy, for "good" predictions! – angry Nadya.

In General, while Nadia was visiting my parents and listened to mother-like speech.

No matter what, Nadia went to the city that I choose. The move was not very easy, but everything went well. The children were very happy to see good changes, and Nadia, too, was happy that she was able to make such changes in their lives. For her, it was almost a feat. After all, before all her decisions are always controlled by parents, husband and in-laws. And this time control was not.

she knew She was in a new place will meet with difficulties. Moral Hope we're prepared for it and to life with a clean slate. She went to an independent path through the sea of life.

Heart Nadi rejoiced!

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