in Late autumn - cold, wind, rain. Outside the window gloom.
Personally for me at this time always comes longing .
My sorrow I live with Mozart.
"the Music of Mozart has an amazing effect on the body. A study by American scientists in 1993, proved a positive effect of Mozart's music on the brain. The experiments showed that only the works of Mozart activates almost all areas of the cerebral cortex.
Listening to the music of Mozart has a powerful calming effect on the nervous system. It probably stems from the fact that the music of Mozart lot of high-frequency sounds cause the most resonance in the cerebral cortex and stimulate thought processes and memory. Just 10 minutes listening to the piano music of Mozart increases "IQ" of people on average 8-10 units." So.
by the Way, Mozart was not poor, or rather the money he never got enough because he was "terrible" spendthrift. He loved life.

a few recommendations

  • To reduce the anxiety and insecurity listen to Chopin ("Mazurka", "Foreplay"), Strauss ("the Waltz"), Rubinstein ("Melodies").
  • To reduce irritability, frustration, awareness of the perfection of the surrounding world recommend to listen to Bach (Kontata 2), Beethoven ("moonlight Sonata", "Symphony in a minor").
  • Tranquility will present works of Beethoven "Symphony No. 6, part 2", "lullaby".Brahms, "Ave Maria" Schubert "Nocturne in g minor" by Chopin, "moonlight" Debussy.
  • For General sedation is helpful to listen to classical music, ADAP-related one for kids (classics for children, lullaby).
  • Normalize blood pressure "Concerto in d minor for violin and Cantata No. 21" by Bach, "Sonata for piano, Quartet 5" Bartok, "the Mass-minor" by Bruckner.
  • To reduce the headaches associated with emotional prenup-before it is recommended to listen to "don Giovanni" by Mozart, "Wenger sky Rhapsody No. 1" of the Sheet, the Suite "Masquerade" by Khachaturian.
  • Elevates mood and improves mood listening to Pro-izvedeni: Tchaikovsky's "Sixth Symphony, part 3", Beethoven's "Overture Edmond", Chopin "Prelude No. 1. Opus 28", Liszt "Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2".
  • Dull the senses of the wrath and anger of the composition of Bach's "Italian Concerto", Haydn "Symphony"
Sirotina Marina
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