have you Noticed that the choice of music often depends on your current condition and mood? If you do well – listen to pleasant melodious songs, or include a fun, energetic? But if you hurt someone, hurt and feeling bad? Of course, in the passive assistance are lyrical songs about unrequited love or the like) By selecting your preferences in music, there is much about you to tell. But, most importantly, based on this, you can also a lot and improve in your life. How? Now let me tell)
1⃣Choose a song that you like now.
2⃣what is it About? That you have the most touches? What words, phrase you really like and round in your head?
3⃣what is it for you? How it relates to your life?
4⃣And what you would like? What would you like to, change in themselves, their relations in this situation?
5⃣Find a song that reflects your condition once desired. 6⃣Lock it in his memory, periodically perekusyvaete and look at answers, in what way you can make it happen, what steps can I take today?
PS. As a child I loved to stay home alone and listen in the great hall of our house, your favorite songs and dance. I've expressed yourself, your feelings, emotions, singing about their everyday 😉Me it was very helpful, unloaded and freed from the accumulated energy. Now I understand, that for me it was a kind of psychotherapy. Thus, I learned samoodi unconscious that in the future, to this day, helps me easily and environmentally friendly to lose the excess voltage, if such was formed. Thus, it is important to monitor what the situation was preceded by the emergence of this feeling and what I want really in this situation?
If you start to take care of their sensations in the body and learn to monitor thoughts, beliefs that limit and prevent to breathe much in my life to change for the better. 🔺Was this useful? 💕 🔺How do you deal with your emotions? Write in comments

Ovcharenko Tatiana
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