In recent years, become a popular variety of meditation techniques and programs, including relaxation music.

the Impact music for relaxation on the Central nervous system of a person due to a particular musical rhythm that sets the brain on alpha waves. Alpha waves in our brain predominate in moments of relaxation and rest.

in addition, music can elicit different emotions in a person and promote recovery, improve emotional and physiological state of the individual, recovery after illness.

If you feel malaise, fatigue and weakness, or you need to relax after a working day or experienced stress, - listen to this music health!

But if such a need of relaxation occurs frequently (daily) then you should look for the cause, which excites the nervous system, then only one relaxation music will be small. In this case, it is best to go to a psychologist.

our center relaxation, the impact is not only through such music, but with a combination of nature sounds and sensory (audio-visual-vibrotactile) stimulation using the

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