Long known about the impact of a musical work in a person's life. Whether it is adult or even a child.

have you ever Noticed that as soon as the music plays, the child calms down: he listens, gives her his emotional response.

I was just wondering, how often do you sing to your children? Sing Lee dad to your children? Even if you watch, you in kindergarten, the girls sing more readily than boys. Could this be related to how often they sing to their parents.

Kids really love when they sing, when they play musical instruments. The music captivates them. Think, would you be able to sing in front of people. How will yourself keep?

and the music is different. When the fun music enhances the feeling of joy when it's sad intensifies the sadness. Even relive the emotions become easier.

In kindergartens, nursery groups when the children are adapting to kindergarten, they sing songs. The gentle gentle voice, teacher, their singing captivates the ear of the child, calming him. Usually during the singing stops and the baby stops crying. He calms down...

Then the music used to organize children. Children learn to respond to the change of music, perform dance moves, sing along and sing, play music. And most importantly, get lots of positive emotions.

the Psychologist in the preschool institution is often faced with aggressive, anxious, withdrawn children. Music the first assistant to such children.

For the aggressive child will help to burn off excess energy, help to organize themselves, to learn to respond to signals.

For an anxious child let out emotions will help to feel more confident, can also help to open up.

Yes, Yes, Yes. Experience I the psychologist had the opportunity to work as a musical leader. It's worth it. Beautiful notes of lessons, which you can take a teacher-psychologist of note. And all observations are taken from practice. Nice to see children enthusiastically play musical games like happy singing.

and we adults how can without music? We listen to it in the car, listen when you walk in the street, break for lunch, and in other situations. So listen to your favorite music and be happy!

Olesya Berestova
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