My name is Boris and I'm a Smoker.


As a person dependent, I'm dependent on a lot of things in different periods of his life. As I said in a note about his alcohol addiction, the object is again relative to the character.
In this article, I remember how I was addicted to cigarettes. It was a long time ago, when I flew for a month in Malta to study at the English language school. It was there that I began to smoke very active, so much so that he flew to Moscow already with the freshly demand for cigarettes. In fairness I must say that to Malta, I, too, smoked for some number of years, but was not a regular consumer, this has happened from situation to situation. And there is cigarette flew one by one. In the end, I did not quit Smoking.
I remember this feeling of pleasure from the consumption of tobacco smoke. When I was not a smoker, I had no such experience, and then gradually acquired. This, of course, had, as with any psychoactive drug, go through an adjustment period, which contributed to a very society, by way of example, that Smoking is in General fine, and then even pleasant, though, and increases the risk of illness and death.
And I remember the moment when after some time, I decided to abandon this relationship. The cast pushed me the feeling that in my life there was something stronger than me. The feeling that my thoughts without my will begin to spin around how to find to smoke. For me this observation is a signal that something is wrong here and it's time to get rid of this hobby.
Plucking up courage I quit and some time has lasted a year or two. At first it was hard, and then began as usual, the passion is gone. Then I started Smoking again regularly, and then I gave up, but it was a shorter period of time. And since the topic of tobacco consumption for me was flickers in the background of life's situations as it was in the beginning.
In the end now I continue to have situational Smoking. That is, sometimes smoke, sometimes not. Sometimes periods of not Smoking and the lack of need of long and sometimes there comes a time when you smoke about a pack a day for several months. And, honestly, for me this is the best option. Because I don't deny myself what I want, but I feel a kind of border where the substance entering the blood, becomes too strong for me. Then the anxiety scale and I have enough forces to finish this at a time when thoughts about the "smoke" me not to bother, and in any condition, neither sober nor drunk, nor alone, nor in the company.
you know, as a game, as a challenge. It seems to me that now with alcohol I do the same thing. But, curiously, the alcohol is still more socially acceptable than Smoking. Unlike the latter, its consumption is part of our culture, and this is a terrible thing, especially for an addict, because it's not just some examples of consumption around, but also social pressure.

Boris Nikiforov
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