My note. Art of living.


About lifestyles by A. meneghetti:

the First style based on patterns of life and the absolute certainty of their truth. Man is born, grows up, learns, works, creates a family, raise children, grow old,... with this all through the state of joy, pleasure, frustration, health or suffering,... At the same time , its relations with the world he builds in accordance with the society's traditions, customs, laws. And if it is fed, dressed, shod, healthy, etc. – you can say, life is good.

the Second style is a skill of life. The master is the one who makes something much better than others in this area. How to achieve this "better"? – getting new knowledge, skills, boldness in their application. Master, as it rises above the others, he himself becomes the authority, listen to him, believe him, follow him. The master is characterized by some selfishness, aimed at the intellectual and personal enrichment. It seeks to expand its economic opportunities, establish necessary and productive.

And the third style – the art of living. Art – observation, reflection, reproduction, forcing through brush, pen, words, images,...In the art of living manifests the ability to affect her this way, to introduce novelty. This is possible if you stop treating it too seriously, bring some elements of the game, treat it as theatre. And with it, strive to be as accurate as possible – everyone and everything taking its time, place, degree of involvement and attention. The art of life is to live up to its vocation is the pursuit of personal excellence. Such a person thinks, acts, reacts different from the known and familiar patterns of behaviour, the way he goes beyond the stereotypes. Such a person becomes a Sage.

the First lot, the second much less, and the third – just a little.

Kriven Tatiana
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