My note. Dependent.

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Dependence – hang, hang, hanging like a doll in a puppet theatre. Have no Dependent of their supports, it is attached to something, it is not self-sufficiency (he should not). He does not believe himself, he doesn't believe in himself, he clings to others. This is a dangerous path, the path of incompleteness and uncertainty. Dependent agrees that someone else leads him or drags, someone else disposes of them at its discretion. He does not know what is best for him or like him better, he completely trusts his "better" to another.

intellectual dependent, those who do not trust his mind. They believe that it is not able to think for themselves, they can't make decisions, they "get" your other questions – what do I do? Where to go? What would you do in my place? What would you do? They live on someone else's recipe, renouncing its uniqueness, of individuality. They are afraid of making mistakes.

Emotionally dependent looking for outside confirmation of its beauty, uniqueness, - "light my mirror, tell me...". They depend on others ' representations, and a hundred times asking questions "do you love me?", "you're not mad at me?"...They are looking for praise, approval, admiration. They also do not believe yourself and believe in yourself.

Moral dependent. For such an important assessment of its morality, correctness, he needs the approval of any decision, each action. He either has no values or all the time puts it into question, hesitates, clinging to other people's evaluation.

In varying degrees, at different stages of life, perhaps we all show dependence. When it assumes an acute character and is imposed on one person (partner, parent, friend,...) and it is prone to rescue, creating the illusion that they cannot exist without each other. And then, the other one also becomes dependent on the Dependent, i.e. co-dependent. He can praise, to anger, to seduce, to punish or bestow, from which he depends. His "rope" is someone from the environment or a certain type of people.

Kriven Tatiana
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