My techniques and exercises


I want to tell you how I work with some difficult clients and with myself when I don't know how to act.

If the client has at least some purpose, and it is fully loaded with work, chores, and he has a favorite hobby, consider yourself lucky.

I was also lucky, as a psychologist and as a person with a serious medical diagnosis, because I have no time to be bored or to be discouraged

  • Full entry in the routine - from morning to evening work with clients
  • Constantly learning from different courses, promoting expertise
  • Slowly writing a thesis

I tell not to show what I have done, and to prove once more the effectiveness of this approach.

the Most difficult client is a client who have nothing to do!

Help him to find employment. And no matter what he or she will do the writing of the dissertation or cultivation of flowers or embroider a cross, the main thing that the person was interesting to live until he solves the problem, which seems to him the main

it is Very difficult to become happier, if you're not aware of that prevents this!

If a person does not know that he is interested in, try to go negative, find out that he's NOT interested and that he doesn'T like

so, the exercise:

Technique "I love you"

  1. If Your client is still young and not familiar with the work of Vladimir Vysotsky, let him listen to this song
  2. Ask the customer to write as much as possible, they don't like (usually I ask to not write fewer words and concepts than the client)
  3. When people write, you can ask him to read the list and ask: "And what is the reason. What don't You like winter?", "What is wrong with football" − give the customer the opportunity to enter the feelings and emotions
  4. Then you can fill a plate:

Just don't like it



  • as a home task, you can give the customer a paradoxical injunction: to draw or sculpt something that he particularly dislikes
  • when it comes to action, you can just run it. For example, I hate sports and when I need to work with your feelings, I take and do exercises.
  • If it's something more abstract, like Vladimir Semenovich about boundaries: "When to me climb in soul," can be given a paradoxical instruction to run it or make it yourself

  • What it gives?

    the Realization that, in contrast to, man, really interesting.

    When a client realizes that he doesn't like, you can ask him to think whatever he or she could replace, changing "minus" to "plus".

    for Example, I came to understand that sit down to write something, when you put off something unpleasant.

    remote work= private practice came into my life when I realized how I hate rides every day during rush hour

    When you succeed you will lead a client that he likes, a hobby, already at hand!

    And when there is interest, it is easier to build a plan for the future.

    My techniques and exercises
    Natalia Filimonova
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