Myths about childhood aggression

Emotion of anger is probably one of the most socially unacceptable in our society. Many people think that being angry is bad.

Psychology has long suggests that aggression is not bad and not good. It's okay! It is as natural to rejoice, to wonder, to fear and to exercise any other emotional state. Especially a lot of bias about the anger occurs from parents in the upbringing of their children.

That's probably the most popular myths about children's aggression:

Myth 1. "Aggression is a sign of poor education."

If the child is angry, so his parents didn't teach something. I think that if a child is angry, then it means he lives. He exists in a world where he is sure to find something you like and also definitely not satisfied with something. And it's great that he has not lost this live ability to assert their boundaries and needs. And how to do it so as not to harm himself and others, he will learn with your help.

Myth 2. "If you wait out a child's aggression – she'll be here."

I would say that this is a partial myth. Yes indeed, there are times when aggression may be exhausted over time (especially if she's single). For example, the child was tired or felt bad, and therefore was not in the spirit. But if you see that this situation is repeated not for the first time – most likely for the aggressive flash is some reason that you need to understand with or without the help of a specialist. Let me remind you that a specialist in the field of child aggression is a child psychologist, but not the belt and not the grandmother, for example, "which have five raised".

Myth 3. "Aggression is solely demonstrative reaction"

That is, when the child is angry, he wants to "do me evil" or "stand out somehow". This is also true. Often the main cause of aggression is the broken sense of security. And such a function as "evil" the child appears generally closer to 10 years, because of its physiological characteristics.

Myth 4. "Any aggression should be suppressed."

a Very harmful myth that raising people either do not know how to defend yourself in this world, or not knowing how to Express emotions on the outside and thereby undermine their health. You can't punish the child for every flash of anger. So we will block it stays negative feelings.

And what did you harmful myths about anger? Share, will be interested in your experience!

Ekaterina Gaponova
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