Myths about how to marry.



"he is a Turk, living in Germany ...I'm so sad, depressed, no strength for life... he just doesn't understand me..."

As there is in the tale? – The little mermaid falls in love with a human Prince. Sacrificing his usual world, becomes deaf, no longer swim well and began to walk. The Prince does not understand her and does not like. The little mermaid's suffering, she has "no energy for life".

Yeah, the Princes they are! Illusions continuous celebration, in reality – you find yourself in an alien environment, are suffering and can't really explain why.

once upon a time, one guy signed your gift, calendar, with these words: "love what's good for you and be happy". Indeed, whether to look for love away from home, from the usual, familiar life. If a girl or a woman and a marriage, you should remember the First Law of Nature to pay for everything. And be ready for it, ie . solvent, and it is not about money.


an Angry Fairy cast a curse on a young Princess – she pricked her finger with a spindle and fell asleep. Along with her entire Kingdom went into hibernation. Time stopped there, and only a hundred years traveler, the Prince woke the Princess with a kiss. In the tale she remains the same young, fresh and incredibly beautiful. And then – the love, the kisses, wedding! And lived they were, good profits...

Illusions are usually rewards the girl's mom (the Wicked Fairy), not out of malice of course, of great love: "You deserve the best... do not rush... be proud... know yourself." Familiar huh? Sometimes girlfriends. The girl believes mom and waiting, ignoring, devaluing or rejecting ordinary fans. And while in real life goes, the clock is ticking, it is reflected in the eyes and wrinkles Beauty, her waist, Swan-like neck. Even ordinary fans becoming less. In the end, "Sleeping Beauty" remains in obscurity and loneliness or despair marries the first available PI-PI-PI.

In our life with absolute assurance we can only wait for old age, if you're lucky. Love and family have to create his delicate hands, even the most beautiful, most intelligent, most talented, Princesses...)))

In the years of my first students, I came across a wonderful book Amy, Beekman "choice. The possibility of resigning.", I recommend to read.


Favorite fairy tale of many girls, creating the illusion – work hard, be flexible and newerlive and you will have Happiness – the Prince and the Kingdom to boot.

Dear girls, women, part with its illusions, story time and magic was our childhood, and marriage – adult tetenek)))

good Luck!

Kriven Tatiana
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